Bellevue College's new online literary arts magazine. The Bellevue College literary staff welcomes students who are interested in organizing and publishing to Belletrist, the campus literary magazine, which features original music, spoken word, essays, short stories, poetry, and art. Earn up to five elective credits for the academic year, and gain experience in editing and publishing. Offered ...more about Belletrist

Outdoor Classroom

English instructor, Michael Meyer, takes his class outside during warmer weather.  Students are more comfortable to engage in classroom discussion when the atmosphere is relaxed.

Integrating Sustainability

Karrin Peterson is Integrating sustainability into teaching and learning via the Bellevue College student garden. "Teaching and gardening are so very similar.   In the garden, I help students plant seeds.  With sun, water, and a little love, plants emerge and grow to feed our bodies and our minds with the marvel of life. So it is in ...more about Integrating Sustainability


English Instructor, Sean Allen, conferencing with one of his students while reviewing his essay paper. English Instructors review essays with their students throughout the quarter. The instructors are available outside of class to help students improve their writing skills to ready them for the next level.