Accelerated Composition Course Description

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Students with English 092 or 093 placement may enroll in an accelerated sequence of two five-credit classes so they can complete the 092/093 and English 101 in the same quarter. One hour is a regular English 101 class, and the 092/093 is a smaller support class to work more closely with the English 101 assignments while getting extra time and practice with the 101 instructor and classmates.

The 092/093 section in a combination course consists of 10 students who will:

  • Get clarification on 101 assignments, discussions, readings
  • Deepen understanding of 101 readings through additional readings, vocabulary activities and assignments
  • Brainstorm topics for 101 papers
  • Receive and provide extra peer critique for 101 papers
  • Check progress in both the 092/093 and 101 class

Last Updated May 25, 2022