Paula Sebastian


Hello! My name is Paula Sebastian. I have been teaching at Bellevue College for 10 years as an adjunct faculty member  in the English Department/Arts and Humanities Division. I primarily teaching English 101 [English Composition I] and English 201 [The Research Paper], but I also teach English 235 [Technical Writing] and English 271 [Expository Writing].

Before coming to BC, I completed an MATW in English, Teaching of  Writing, at Humboldt State University. I spent 15 years teaching English composition as a full-time tenured faculty member and Department Chairperson in California.  I also pursued a doctoral degree at the University of Nevada, Reno, in Rhetoric and Composition.

After completing my doctoral program, I moved to college administration and served as an Assistant Dean in Arizona. I quickly discovered that administration was not my cup of tea nor my passion; there was too much administration and not enough student-contact. Very boring! So on a slow Tuesday with nothing better on my mind, I decided to leave administration, return to teaching, and move to Seattle. Today I continue to work in a profession I admire, at a college I enjoy, and in a subject I feel passionate about. I love coming to work every day.

My hobbies include bowling, basketball, golf, and line dancing. I also enjoy pro-sports particularly the WNBA and MLS. I spend whatever ‘free time’ I have with my partner, walking our dog, HarperLee, and reading any book that’s at least 350 pages long…preferably historical fiction or mysteries.