the Watchdog

Bellevue College Student Newspaper

the Watchdog is a student-operated forum for campus news and opinion. Student Services and   Activities (S & A) fees provide the revenue for basic maintenance and   production.

To contribute to the Watchdog, or to join the staff, contact the student editor in C206 or call (425) 564-2435. With   or without experience, newcomers are welcome.

Credit for work on the Watchdog is also available through the faculty adviser by registering for any of the   following Communication Studies classes: CMST 141 (Media Writing), CMST 146   (News Staff), CMST 143 (Copy Editing), CMST 144 (Layout and Design), CMST 145   (Advertising Staff), CMST 299A (Special Projects). CMST 141 has been approved as  a substitute for ENGL& 101. The other classes transfer as Humanities and/or   elective credits.

For more information about Communication Studies classes, visit the Communication Studies Department.

Last Updated November 4, 2020