Non-Traditional Credits

BC awards non-traditional credit for prior learning. Credit may be awarded for work completed in private study, at non-accredited institutions, or for certificate/training. Credit is awarded through examination, evaluation of certification/training, or submission of portfolio or other form of assessment.

To apply for the credits, students must be registered at the college for the quarter in which non-traditional credits are requested and have completed ten quarter credit hours at the college. Credits granted are identified as such on the student’s transcript, and are not calculated into the GPA. Non-traditional credits do not count toward residence requirements.

The number of non-traditional credits cannot exceed 25% of the total number of credits required for a degree or a certificate. Transferability of these credits will be subject to the policies of the receiving institution. Students pay a per-credit fee equal to 40% of the current tuition per-credit tuition rate. The sliding tuition rate does not apply to these credits, and self-support programs may set their own fee.

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Credit by Examination

Credit by examination allows students to gain credit for a BC course without being enrolled in the specific course. The student demonstrates, via an instructor-designed examination, achievement of course outcomes. Examinations are limited and may not be available for every discipline. To begin the process, please download the Credit by Exam form.

Credit for Professional Certification or Training

Credits are given for completed training comparable to college-level programs through non-degree awarding agencies or institutions; for example, recognized health profession, fire service, law enforcement/corrections trainings, certifications, licensing, etc. Credit is awarded only for documented college-level learning related to the theories, practices, and content of the relevant academic field, and must fall within the regular curricular offerings at BC.

Credit for Assessment of Prior Experiential Learning

Credit is given only for assessment of experiences that occur outside of a post-secondary institution or other certification, training or licensing setting; for example, employment, internships, externships, independent research, volunteer or civic work. Credit is awarded for a completed portfolio or other agreed upon form of prior learning assessment demonstrating college-level learning that combines theory from the appropriate discipline with practice. If you are interested in earning credits with this option, for more information.