Spring 2019 Newsletter

Spring 2019

Please read important information about deadlines, dates, disbursement of your funds, and purchasing your books below.


Payment of Tuition and Refund Disbursements:

Winter quarter begins on April 3, 2019. By regulation, we cannot disburse funds until after the school year officially begins.

  • We pay your tuition beginning March 29.
    • We hold you in your classes until we pay your tuition if you met the spring quarter deadline.
    • We also hold you in your classes if you obtained a deferment of payment due to participation in an eligible program on campus (i.e. Workforce Education).
  • If your aid does not cover the full cost of tuition, you must pay the balance by Tuesday, April 9.
  • If you are not planning to enroll full time (12+ credits), please submit a Change of Enrollment form by March 22.
  • Refund disbursements begin on March 29 by the BankMobile disbursement preference you selected.
    • If you are expecting a check to be mailed please make sure your address is up to date at Update Contact Information.
    • Most students should receive their refunds by April 2 (checks will take longer).
    • Want to change your disbursement method? Visit the BankMobile website.

Purchase of Books and Supplies

You cannot access your funds until after March 29 and most students can expect to receive their funds by April 2 if they chose an electronic disbursement option.

  • Avoid the bookstore lines and purchase your books early. You must purchase books and supplies using your own funds or wait for your refund to arrive.

Confirmation of Academic Progress:

For continuing students, we check prior quarter grades before we disburse spring aid. Check your BC email on or after March 27 for notification regarding your financial aid status and eligibility based on your prior quarter grades.

  • Go to our SAP page for details about Satisfactory Academic Progress requirements.
  • If your aid is canceled but you experienced a hardship or a mitigating circumstance, please file an appeal and ask for reinstatement of your aid.
    • File your appeal by Wednesday, April 3 if you plan to attend fall quarter.
    • Access to our Appeal form
    • We hold you in your classes until we review your appeal.

Pell Repayment Date:

You must finalize your schedule by the Pell Repayment Date, which is April 9for fall quarter. Please read our policies regarding adding and dropping classes.


Thank you and enjoy your studies!

BC Financial Aid Office



Last Updated March 13, 2019