Study Abroad and Financial Aid

Financial aid is an option for you if you’re enrolled in an eligible Study Abroad program, providing the courses you take meet the degree and credit requirements for the type of aid you have.  We recommend you complete our Educational Planning Form to outline your intended course work, so we can confirm the courses are needed for you to complete your program of study. Bring your completed worksheet to Student Central.

Increasing your offer amount

By providing us with documentation of the actual costs for this program, you may also be eligible to receive more funding than you’d otherwise receive. You’ll need to submit a request for revision along with the necessary documentation.

Contact our office to get a Request for Revision of Financial Aid Eligibility Due to Special Circumstances form or visit the Forms Library to download a copy.

Advanced Funding

If you’re leaving the country before the quarter actually starts we may be able to release your funds to you a maximum of 10 days before the start of the quarter.

Please notify our office if you need your funding before the first day of the quarter. Advance notice is necessary so our office has enough time to process this type of request.


Last Updated March 18, 2021