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The current COVID-19 health crisis may affect the information contained in this newsletter. Dates listed below may be adjusted depending on current and rapidly changing circumstances. Please check your BC email, and check the website often for up to date information. 

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Financial Aid Newsletter – Fall 2021

Fall quarter begins September 27, 2021. Please read important information about deadlines, dates, disbursement of your funds, and the steps you must take to ensure a smooth start to the quarter.

Important! Financial Aid processes impacted by our conversion to a new Student Database System (ctcLink)

Bellevue College is transitioning to a new software system called ctcLink which provides better functionality, a secure student portal and expanded self-service options for students. Our go-live date is November 8 and Financial Aid is one area impacted by this transition.

  • Staff participation in required training and other transition activities has reduced the time needed to process financial aid files and other tasks related to the disbursement of aid
  • We are required to stop disbursement of aid and emergency funds between October 20 and November 29
  • The Financial Aid office is also required to shut down completely November 8 through November 15 for go-live implementation

As a result of this change in our software system, we anticipate a delay in responding to issues, processing requests for adjustments to aid (including new loans), and file processing.

Payment of Tuition:

Fall quarter begins September 27, 2021.

  • We pay your tuition beginning September 13, 2021.
    • We hold you in your classes if you completed your financial aid file by June 30. We are prioritizing review of files for students who met the deadline and are registered for either summer or fall quarter.
    • If you have outstanding documents required, you must submit these by Monday, September 13 or within 2 business days of request thereafter.
    • Enrollment Services also holds you in your classes if you obtained a deferment on payment of tuition (This may include Workforce Education, Veterans, Scholarship receipients, etc ).
      • To avoid being dropped from classes for nonpayment, check with the department you are working with to confirm your deferment status
  • If your aid does not cover the full cost of tuition, you must pay the balance by Friday, October 1, 2021 unless you have a deferment beyond this date.

Refund Disbursements:

  • We assume fulltime enrollment. If you do not plan to register full time (12+ credits), please submit an online Change of Enrollment form by September 15, 2021 to avoid delays in disbursing your aid.
  • Refund disbursements begin on September 22, 2021 (your disbursement date may differ) by the BankMobile disbursement preference you selected.
    • If you expect to receive a check by mail, please make sure your address is up to date at Update Contact Information.
    • Most students can expect to receive their refunds by September 29.  (checks may take longer).
    • Want to change your disbursement method?  Visit the BankMobile web site

Confirmation of Academic Progress:

For continuing students, we check prior quarter grades before we disburse Fall aid. Check your BC email for notification regarding your financial aid status and eligibility based on your prior quarter grades.

**Federal regulations require us to address grades regardless of circumstances affecting our campus.  During these uncertain times, we recognize that some students may be less successful Summer quarter.  If you are notified that you have lost your financial aid, you may follow the appeal process outlined below.**

  • Go to http://www.bellevuecollege.edu/fa/youraid/sap/ for details about Satisfactory Academic Progress requirements.
  • If your aid is canceled but you experienced a hardship or a mitigating circumstance, please file an appeal and ask for reinstatement of your aid.
    • File your appeal by Monday, September 27 if you plan to attend Fall quarter.
    • Submit an appeal online.
    • We hold you in your classes until we review your appeal if your appeal is submitted by Monday, September 27.

Pell Repayment Date:

You must finalize your schedule by the Pell Repayment Date, which is October 8, 2021 for Fall quarter. Please read our policies at http://www.bellevuecollege.edu/fa/youraid/repayment/ regarding adding and dropping classes.

Thank you and enjoy your studies!

BC Financial Aid Office

Last Updated September 9, 2021