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The Washington College Grant provides guaranteed funding to eligible Washington state residents. It distributes free money for college to undergraduate students so they can receive a degree, train for a career, or build valuable skills to improve career and life outcomes.

Whether you pursue a first bachelor’s degree, an associate degree, certificate, or apprenticeship, free money may be just a FAFSA or WASFA application away.

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Bellevue College School Code: 003769

The Washington College Grant distributes funds based on a sliding scale associated with the state’s median family income (MFI). Students whose families make 55% or less of the state’s MFI will receive a maximum financial aid award that covers the cost of tuition. Amounts awarded decrease all the way up to 100% of the state’s MFI.

For example, a qualified student from a family of four making $53,000 or less will be awarded funds that cover the cost of their tuition. A student from a family of four making $97,000 or less – 100% of the state’s MFI – is offered funds but the cost of their full tuition is not covered.

Frequently Asked Questions

To qualify* for guaranteed funding through the Washington College Grant, students must:

  • Be a Washington state resident
  • Submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) or Washington Application for State Financial Aid (WASFA)
  • Come from families making 100% or less than the state’s median family income (MFI)
  • Pursue a first bachelor’s degree, an associate degree, certificate, or apprenticeship
  • Enroll in a minimum of three credits
  • Maintain satisfactory academic progress
  • Not exceed five years of Washington College Grant term usage
  • Not exceed 125% of enrolled program length
  • Not owe a refund or repayment under other student aid programs
  • Not pursue a degree in theology

Students from families making 55% or less than the state’s median family income (MFI)  receive a full offer to cover the entire cost of their tuition. The more your family makes, the less money is offered, up to 100% of the state’s MFI.

No. Money distributed through grants does not have to be paid back if you maintain satisfactory academic progress (SAP) and complete the credits you register for.

Deadlines are specific to each term, but you should submit your FAFSA as soon as possible starting Oct. 1 for the following year. Use Bellevue College school code 003769 when you complete the application.

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Contact our Financial Aid Office by submitting an Online Help Request or by opening a chat with a financial aid representative online.

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Last Updated August 22, 2022