Receiving Your Aid

After completing your financial aid file, we review your eligibility and determine the amount of aid you can receive based on the date you submitted the last required document. Many of our financial aid grant programs receive limited funding, and we offer these funds on a first come, first served basis. The earlier you complete your file, the more likely you are to receive all the funds you are eligible for.

Your Financial Aid Offer Notification

  • We send all financial aid offer notifications to your BC email. The email provides you with a link to the BC Financial Aid Portal.
    • The BC Financial Aid Portal provides you with information about the amount of aid offered to you by quarter, as well as information about missing documents needed to complete your file.
    • Your initial financial aid offer notification assumes you plan to register full-time (12 or more credits). You must use the Enrollment Status Change Form to let our office know if you plan to take less than 12 credits at least a week prior to the start of each quarter.  We can adjust your aid for part-time registration, but paying tuition and the disbursement of your refund, is delayed if you do not notify us at least one week before the quarter begins.

Paying Tuition

If you completed your financial aid file by the quarter deadline, we automatically hold you in your classes without payment. A few days before the quarter begins, we pay your tuition with the financial aid we offered to you. If your aid is enough to cover the full cost of your tuition, fees and on-campus housing (if applicable) you can expect a refund for the remaining balance.

However, if it turns out aid is not enough to cover the cost of tuition and on-campus housing, or if you are not disbursed aid due to eligibility issues, you must pay your tuition and on-campus housing by the first day of the quarter. Also, keep in mind the following:

  • Adding classes to your schedule after we pay your tuition may result in you owing additional funds to the college.
  • Withdrawing from classes after we pay your tuition may result in you owing some or all of the financial aid you received back to the college or the financial aid programs and potentially loss of aid in future quarters.

Last Updated April 7, 2022