Disbursement of Funds


Effective April 24, 2017: Bellevue College has partnered with a bank called BankMobile to disburse all financial aid funds to our students. This partnership gives you options on how you would like to receive your refunds.

Each quarter, after you are awarded, we first pay any tuition and fees that you may owe to the college. If there is a remaining balance, also referred to as a financial aid refund, BankMobile will send it to you according to the refund selection you choose.

Once you complete your financial aid file, a BankMobile refund selection kit will be sent to you in the US Mail. The envelope contains information you will need to setup how you would like to receive your refunds while you are attending Bellevue College. Once you receive this selection kit, you must go online and choose the way you would like to receive your financial aid refunds.

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You have three options with BankMobile to receive your refunds:

  • ACH – Direct Deposit to your own bank account
  • Open a free BankMobile Vibe checking account (A debit card will be sent to you, which you can use to access your funds)
  • Paper check sent by US Mail


For more information, go to

If you do not receive a BankMobile refund selection kit within two weeks of completing your file, use the link below to determine when it was sent. If there is no information or you find that you should have received it by now, please contact us right away.

Where’s My Refund Selection Kit?

Students can contact the BankMobile Customer Care team by


View our required disclosures and contract with BankMobile, a Division of Customer Bank.


Last Updated October 18, 2017