Call for Spring Proposals

We have a new, streamlined proposal form ready for you!
The Faculty Commons supports programming that will inspire colleagues to come
together to learn, share, and develop a supportive community. Proposed programming
can include workshops of any length, speakers’ series, promising practices sharing,
book discussions, cross-campus collaborations, or another form of professional
advancement we haven’t even conceived of! Simply make sure your idea fulfills the
Mission of the Faculty Commons. Link to submit proposals

Once submitted, the Faculty Commons leadership will review your proposal and work
with you to fine-tune it. It’s not too early to submit a proposal for Summer and Fall 2018.
To be considered for Spring 2018, please submit your proposal by Monday, Feb. 12, 2018.
For more information, contact Tonya Estes, Faculty Commons Director.

Stipends are back! Most workshops offer participants the opportunity to earn a stipend.
Each workshop is unique in its scope. The workshops with a stipend available may
include such activities as scholarly reading, reflective writing, curriculum revision, lesson
planning, classroom observations, or presentations. Stipends are tied to deliverables
not hours. To receive the stipend, participants must successfully complete the course
and its activities, as well as provide feedback to the facilitator in the form of a course
evaluation. A person may take a workshop more than once, but will receive a stipend
only once per workshop.

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Last Updated January 10, 2018