Deep Integration of Critical Thinking into Your Discipline (New) – Winter 2023

Diagram showing the critical thinking process - credit to istock photo

This workshop is designed for instructors from any discipline, so that means you! If you have been engaged in how to infuse critical thinking more purposefully into your courses and/or how to assess critical thinking outcomes, this is especially for you. The goal: to lead you through aligning critical thinking assignments with appropriate assessments.

The four sessions will be structured to increase your understanding of critical thinking to infuse it into your curriculum. You will engage in readings, conversations, and assignment design leading to a final application to a course. Participants will identify key critical thinking learning objectives and enhance an assignment to meet the highest standards of critical thinking assessment.

Zoë Aleshire and Monica Aufrecht, experienced critical thinking instructors from BC’s philosophy department, will facilitate this workshop in Hy-Flex format. You are welcome to join from your computer or in person. Expected hours are 4 meetings of an hour each, weekly readings, and an asynchronous final project, totaling approximately 8 hours of work.

4 Wednesdays 1:30-2:30 p.m. Jan 25-Feb 15

Hy-Flex Offering: Meet in Faculty Commons or participate remotely

8 PD Hours | $200 stipend | 12 seats: Register here to dive deep into critical thinking.

For more information, reach out to Zoë Aleshire or Monica Aufrecht, Philosophy.

Last Updated February 28, 2023