Artificial Intelligence and Academic Integrity: Creating a Course Policy

Image of human hand reach toward robotic hand

In this self-paced workshop series, participants will connect with other faculty and hear from a guest speaker to determine how generative artificial intelligence should and/or should not be used by students and what the consequences for misuse should be. The ultimate goal of this workshop is for faculty to individually create policies on AI and academic integrity that are discipline-specific and can be added to course syllabi. Faculty will discuss how AI has affected their classes, read up on the latest conversations in higher ed regarding AI, hear from Megan Kaptik to gain the Manager of Student Conduct’s perspective on AI, and write AI policies for their courses. If you have seen AI usage by your students but are unsure of the best way to respond, this is the workshop for you!  

Asynchronous workshop Feb. 5 – Mar. 7. 

8 PD Hours and $250 stipend for completing at least 80% of online activities and submitting final deliverable, an AI syllabus statement.

Register here to participate Feb. 5 – Mar. 7 (15 seats maximum)

Please contact Gordun Gul, Computer Science, or George Rowe, eLearning, with questions. 

Last Updated January 2, 2024