Embed Quizzes in Your Videos and Students Will Watch!

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Do you use videos to convey key content in your courses? Do you wonder if students are watching those videos and engaging with them? Join Li to learn about the changes in her students’ engagement with the videos in her online courses after she used the feature in Panopto to embed quizzes. Li will then provide a Quick Dip how-to demonstration so you can easily add a quiz to your course video and observe the impact on your students, too.    

What did some people say last year about this workshop?

“It was really interesting to see the data of students who watched the videos and their performance on the quiz, especially the change from quarter to quarter.”

“I had a chance to rethink in which way I could do to encourage my students to watch my lecture videos, and how to design my content page so that it will be more appealing to my students.”

Remote Session with Canvas resources: Link will be sent on registration.

Friday, Nov. 3, 10:30 a.m.-12 p.m.

15 seats: Registration for Embedding Quizzes is open! 

Contact Li Liu, Communication Studies – A&H, with questions. 

Last Updated January 16, 2024