Publishing Your Climate Justice Lesson with Curriculum Writer – NEW!

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The Curriculum for the Bioregion (C4B) Online Curriculum Collection is a large database of engaging teaching activities used by higher education faculty. The Collection receives over 5 million unique visits per year from around the world. Publishing to this data base makes your climate justice lesson widely available, while at the same time helping you clarify and align your lesson’s learning outcomes with your assessments and learning activities. Nine lessons, published mostly by BC faculty, currently exist in the Collection, in a Climate Justice Activity Collection created by C4B for our climate justice project.    

The publication process provides professional development related to alignment of learning outcomes, assessments, and teaching activities, clarifying the goals and structure of your lesson and aligning it with equity-centered teaching practices. Participants learn about different types of assessments, the insights they provide to an instructor, and when to use them as well as ensuring that their lesson meets the three broad learning goals of an ideal climate justice lesson:

  • Make clear to students the connections between climate change impacts and one or more forms of social injustice, including but not limited to racial, socioeconomic, gender, disability, intergenerational, and interspecies injustice.

  • Teach students how to engage civically with a community outside of your classroom on the topic of climate justice and in a way that promotes systemic change and equity, as opposed to a singular focus on only individual behavior change.

  • Highlight positive stories of change occurring in the world around climate impacts that make the world a more just and equitable place for communities experiencing disproportionate climate impacts and climate injustice. 

The publication process is supported by an initial 1-hour one-on-one meeting during which you work closely with a curriculum writer to create a first draft of a C4B Activity. Participants receive feedback on their draft and think through revisions prior to a second 1-hour one-on-one working meeting with the curriculum writer, focused on responding to feedback and draft revision. The final 1-hour meeting will wrap up the process by finalizing the lesson and contacting a C4B for review. Participants address editor feedback on their own and should expect to spend about 2 – 5 hours responding to editor feedback, although this can vary widely. A fourth 1-hour meeting with the curriculum writer may or may not be necessary. All meetings are scheduled to fit the schedules of the curriculum writer and faculty participant.

10 PD Hours 

$500 stipend upon publication 

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Facilitated by Sonya Doucette ( Please contact her with questions. 

Last Updated November 28, 2023