Teach An Existing Climate Justice Lesson in Your Course – NEW!

climate justice for all

Do you want to teach climate justice in your course, but don’t have the time or bandwidth to create your own climate justice lesson? If yes, this is for you! Almost 80 climate justice lessons exist in the BC Climate Justice Curriculum Repository. These lessons were created by BC faculty, beginning in 2018, and include teaching materials (power points, handouts, discussion boards, etc) and teaching notes and tips for instructors. Lessons exists for BC courses in programs taught in the arts & humanities (ENGL, CMST, ARAB, PHIL, INDES, DRMA), social sciences (CES, ANTH, PSYC), STEM (MATH, METR, BIOL, OCEA, ENVS, PHYS, CS, CHEM), Institute for Business Information and Technology (BTS, MKTG), Health Sciences Education and Wellness Institute (HPM, PE, NURS) and other programs on campus (ELI LEAP, ABE, ESL, CEO, INTST, OLS). Most are available on a password-protected Canvas site, which you will gain access to, and a few have been published in the open-access Curriculum for the Bioregion Activity Collection.

Existing lessons will be adapted by you, in collaboration with one to two other faculty who teach a same or similar course (please find faculty in your program who want to do this and sign up together). The process of adapting an existing lesson for your course will be supported by a small group that meets for one hour, every other week, together as a community during the challenging part of implementation. You should be teaching the class this quarter, Winter 2024, and intend to adapt and teach the lesson Winter quarter. You will administer an existing post-lesson survey to students in your course.

Meeting times and dates This is a synchronous online learning community, with six 1-hour meetings during Winter quarter; meetings times will be based on participants’ schedules.

12 PD Hours
Stipend: $420

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If you have questions, please contact Sonya Doucette (sonya.doucette@bellevuecollege.edu).

Last Updated November 30, 2023