Incorporate Climate Justice Into Your Teaching

End Climate Crisis

Not up for a full-length Climate Justice Faculty Learning Community (FLC) and only want to explore climate justice a little bit? Or do you want to complete the entire FLC experience by creating and teaching a climate justice lesson in one of your courses sometime this academic year? Have a good handle on climate justice, but want to learn more about civic engagement* for climate justice (or vice versa)? Want to learn more about the importance of a solutions focus in your climate justice teaching?

If your answer to any of these questions is yes, then these “bite-sized” modules are for you. After an asynchronous Introductory module, you can choose to complete one or more of these asynchronous modules: Introduction to Climate Justice, Community and Civic Engagement, Importance of a Solutions-Focus. You can also choose to complete all of these modules and go on to collaboratively and asynchronously create and a teach a climate justice lesson, with the support of peer discussion boards and brainstorming plus a 1-hour one-on-one peer review session on Zoom in either Winter or Spring quarter.

“Bite-Sized” Asynchronous Modules and one synchronous session.

July 1 – August 8 (Register by July 18)

PD Hours & Stipend: Variable (See registration form for more information)

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Led by facilitators Christina Sciabarra (Political Science) and Kelli Callahan (Criminal Justice). Developed and sponsored by the Sustainability Curriculum Committee.

*Civic engagement is not the same as a full service learning experience and, instead, can involve small actions such as: reading about societal issues or talking with others about them; displaying buttons, stickers, or signs; calling a legislature about an issue; organizing or protesting; participating in city council meetings; writing a letter to the editor; and many other possibilities. Of course, it can be a full service learning experience for your students, if that is what you would like to pursue! 

Last Updated June 4, 2024