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Putting on Your Oxygen Mask: Breathwork for Challenging Times

photo of heart shaped rock with the word breathe on it

Do you ever find yourself holding your breath when stressed? Are you looking for ways to promote wellbeing for yourself and your students and create a calm and supportive learning environment?  “Breathwork,” or intentional breathing exercises and practices, can help. Breathwork is grounded in centuries of cultural and spiritual practice, yet its efficacy is supported ...more about Putting on Your Oxygen Mask: Breathwork for Challenging Times

NoonFit: Flex, Function & Form

People in workout clothes standing in a circle stretching.

Join in for a rotating variety of fluid stretches, mindful movement and mobility, workplace posture and stress reduction. Choose one 30-minute window or stay for the full hour, and you'll see a boost to your body and mood. We will focus on Flexibility, Functional Movement and Safe Form so you can take realistic steps to ...more about NoonFit: Flex, Function & Form

Mighty Morning Fitness

Woman in workout clothes with hands up at sun rise.

Each workout we will incorporate a mix of cardio intervals, strength training, and functional movement exercises while enjoying the social boost of working out together. We gain many exercise benefits, including improved bone density, increased metabolism, muscle toning, heart health, improved posture and balance, and reduced risk of injury while providing mental and emotional benefits ...more about Mighty Morning Fitness