Funding & Stipend Processes

How does the Faculty Commons Handle Funding for Programming?

Unpaid Sessions

Are usually managed or led by Full-Time Faculty and are seen as part of the work they do as FT faculty.   Sometimes PT Faculty uses the space for running meetings or other governance duties and are not paid for this work.  Sometimes PT Faculty run a session as part of another paid role such as the Faculty Commons Leads.

Unpaid sessions are not managed by the Faculty Commons in terms of quality and outcomes.  They are self-run.  The Commons supports them by providing space, scheduling, marketing and supplies.  We track registration, sometimes satisfaction rates, and participation.

Overall, the Faculty Commons view them as casual events and include share-outs, panels, brown bags and discussions.  They help increase community, share ideas and best practices and aid in networking.  They do not have a necessary outcome that must be reported back to the Commons.

Paid Sessions

PT faculty are usually paid for the work and session they support in the Faculty Commons.  Anyone that is paid by the Commons automatically reports to the Director in terms of quality and outcomes of their work.  The degree of the relationship depends on the scope of work and the degree of project management that is needed.

Outcomes include curriculum development, canvas site development, syllabus development, time logs, workshop etc.

The degree and scope of these projects and outcomes are managed by the Faculty Commons Chair, guided by the Council vision and outlined during the project planning phase after the project is approved.  The details of this are recorded on the stipend special assignment forms and communicated to the project developer.

Stipends are paid 50% while development is in progress and 50% upon completion of the project or session.

Calculated Rate

5 credit faculty release time of $3804.17 as a base which equals about 135.71 hours of work or $28.03 an hour.

The college is not consistent in compensation for faculty and generally, uses that 5 credit release and calculates from either 108 – 162 hours.   The Faculty Commons uses roughly 45 hours of contact in class time and the generally agreed upon standard of 2 hours prep for every hour of contact time to come to 135 total hours.

Participation Stipends

Most Faculty Commons session participants are not paid stipends for participation.  Stipends are issued upon completion of a workshop or sessions when there is an outcome or deliverable that is part of the workshop.  Stipends are not paid unless the outcome or deliverable is submitted to a Lead or Director and assessed for completion and quality.  The Faculty Commons makes every attempt to make this as clear as possible to participants.

Stipends for participation cannot reflect the amount of work hour for hour, the Faculty Commons budget can’t support it.  But stipends do make participants work feel honored and supported in their professional development work.

Stipends support the mission of the Faculty Commons goal to increase the quality of teaching and learning, pedagogy and curriculum at Bellevue College.  The Commons does not provide a stipend for work around wellness, personal development or other sub-goals of the Commons.

Stipends do help with participation but they increase the amount of work that the lead or facilitator in order to maintain quality and integrity.  This increase in workload is always factored in when adding a stipend to a project .

Stipends include:

  • $50-100 for completing outside work from 1 – 9 hours.
  • $150 – for completing requirements within the range 10-20 hours of assignment work (not seat time)  such for Teaching Squares (a legacy stipend) & Team-Based Learning Assignments
  • $400 – for more substantial redesign of courses and over 20 hours outside of the workshops such as the redesign work in the Best Practices workshop.
  • Stipends are also issued for non-contract day work and depending on the hours of the meeting or retreat range from $75 (about 3-4 hours) – $ 150 a day (full day 8- hours plus lunch).
  • Other stipends are funded through partnerships with other programs, the sustainability in  the curriculum workshop is funded through the SESF fund at $1000 and the Educational Equity Workshop for Year 1 Candidates will be funded off base salary but will be more like  $1000 and funded through the Office of Equity and Pluralism.

Faculty Commons Certificates

Upon completion of select programs and workshops, participants will receive a Certificate of Completion from Faculty Commons for their professional record. The certification includes a signature from workshop facilitators acknowledging that participants have completed the workshop and documentation how many hours of the program took to complete.

(Last Updated:  3/2/15)


Last Updated July 15, 2016