Past Events and Programs


Every quarter, the Faculty Commons publishes a program with all our events and additional information in a *.PDF format.  Past events published on our website are listed below.


Past Events

Accommodations Unwrapped

hearing impaired

Sara Gardner, Program Director of Autism Spectrum Navigators, a student success program of the Center for Career Connections, brings a rich history of creating and implementing accommodations in a variety of settings, including as faculty in college autism cohort classes, where every student has multiple accommodations. Sara is a disability expert who is dedicated to ...

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Adjunct Rights and Responsibilities


Learn about your rights and your responsibilities as an adjunct instructor at Bellevue College. We will cover course assignment, office hours, promotion, annual/multi-annual contracts, class caps, course evaluations, performance reviews, participation in college governance, professional development, leave, unemployment insurance, child care benefits, and more.        Friday, April 12, 1:30 – 2:30 p.m. or Tuesday, April 16, 11:30 a.m. ...

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Am I A Reading Instructor?

Faculty Development

(The answer is, Yes!)  Reading Apprenticeship Basics Have you had students who struggled with the content of your course and you wondered if their reading comprehension skills played a role? Have you ever thought about how you, an expert in your discipline, make sense of the literature in your field? Reading Apprenticeship (RA) bridges the experience ...

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Assessment for Project-Based Learning

Meeting Group

How do you grade and assess team projects? Do you give the same grade to the whole group? Do you assign roles and sections to allow individual grading? Do you have students evaluate one another’s contributions? And how do you know if students have really become better team players over the course of the quarter? ...

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Back Fit

Medicine ball

We got your back! A healthy, pain-free back contributes to overall well-being. Learn how to strengthen, stretch, and increase mobility of back supporting muscles. Learn tips and techniques for core activation and proper workplace sitting. We will also learn to use essential tools like bands and foam rollers. Wednesday, January 16, 1:00 – 2:00 p.m. in ...

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Breaking Bread with Colleagues 


Do you eat behind your computer? Do you wonder what your colleague across campus has been up to? Would you like to meet with people in a relaxing way? Let’s connect in the Faculty Commons over lunch. This lunchtime is for us to build community while fueling up for our busy day. The Faculty Commons has a kitchen with a microwave, ...

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Brown Bag: Using Technology to Improve Student Learning


We just started the quarter and we may have students that are anxious and nervous. Do you know we can reduce class anxiety by connecting with your students using Canvas?         Wednesday, April 4, 11 a.m. -12 p.m. D104E Registration is optional. For more information, contact Archana Alwar, (, Adjunct Mentoring Lead.

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Climate Justice Faculty Learning Community

Polar bear in a melting iceberg

The Climate Justice Faculty Learning Community is an asynchronous workshop focused on climate issues. The learning community, which is modeled on a teaching square, is designed to help participants hone their knowledge of climate justice issues and, with significant support, to teach one lesson in an existing course that addresses the looming threats of climate ...

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Evaluating the Persistence of College Students on Academic Probation


  This session will focus on supporting Academic Advisors/Faculty to understand and increase their awareness of students on academic probation. The presentation will focus on students who are first generation, low socioeconomic status (SES), and person of color. In examining studies and comparing findings of students on academic probation, little has changed about the poor performances ...

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Experiential Learning: Explore Growth vs. Fixed Mindset with Watercolor Pendant Making with Marika Reinke

Watercolor Pendants

Have you ever thought you aren’t creative? Or painting is only for “talented” artists? These common assumptions are symptoms of a classic fixed mindset and can be overcome by learning to cultivate a growth mindset. In this hands-on workshop, we will explore art making and how our mindset both limits and expands performance and ability. We ...

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Last Updated March 9, 2019