Quarterly Workshops

The Faculty Commons offers a variety of interactive workshops every quarter, these are designed to help Bellevue College faculty think creatively about their teaching and make valuable, innovative changes in the classroom. Workshops focus on scholarly research about pedagogy, learning, and teaching and are facilitated by Bellevue College faculty members.

*Stipends are back! Most workshops offer the opportunity to earn a stipend. Each workshop is unique in its scope. The workshops with a stipend available may include such activities as scholarly reading, reflective writing, curriculum revision, lesson planning, classroom observations, or presentations. Stipends are tied to deliverables not hours. To receive the stipend, participants must successfully complete the course and its activities, as well as provide feedback in the form of a course evaluation. Faculty may take the workshop more than once but will receive a stipend only once per workshop.

Spring 2018 Program



Preparing for the First Day of Class by Creating an Inclusive Classroom

Fully Online: April 16-May 14

Preparing for the First Day of Class by Creating an Inclusive Classroom creates an environment in which every student benefits. In this workshop, we will learn ways in which inclusive educational practices help build opportunities for students to learn in a variety of ways.

8 PD Hours, $100 stipend*

10 seats

Register by Friday, April 13

For more information, contact Archana Alwar, (aalwar@bellevuecollege.edu) Adjunct Mentoring Lead.

Proven Retention Strategies (NEW)

Hybrid: April 18–May 23

 We will meet in the 3rd and 8th weeks of the quarter. Meetings will be determined by the facilitator and participants.

Come develop your teaching toolkit and share ideas with colleagues about how to implement proven strategies to increase student persistence rates. These strategies are based on research literature from Achieving the Dream school, Odessa College’s student success initiatives, and Central Michigan University’s “Putting Students on Track with Early, Frequent, Low-stakes Assessment.” We will cover the following strategies in this workshop:

  • Interacting with students by name during the first week of a new term
  • Monitoring student behavior and progress and intervening when an issue arises
  • Providing low-stakes assessments
  • Meeting with students one-on-one and communicating routinely about their course performance
  • Becoming a “master of paradox” (i.e., maintaining a structured course while allowing for some flexibility)

10 PD Hours, $150 stipend*

10 seats – Register by Friday, April 13

For more information, contact Archana Alwar, (aalwar@bellevuecollege.edu) Adjunct Mentoring Lead.

Gamification (Two Options)

Fully Online: Option I: 3 weeks ((April 9-April 30))
Option II: 6 weeks (April 9-May 18)


Gamification image includes the words gamify, analytics, engage, performance

Why can game designers get players to play their games for hours, learn non-transferable skills, and be excited about getting points or levels that have no meaning in real life? What can college instructors learn from gaming to make our classrooms more engaging? In this non-linear, gamified course, participants will not only learn about the theory behind gamification but experience it for themselves. Come earn a badge!

Option I: 6 PD Hours – $50 stipend*

Option II: 12 PD Hours – $100 stipend*

8 seats for each – Register by April 9th 

Previous experience with Canvas recommended

For more information, contact Marcelo Guerra-Hahn,  IBIT (marcelo.guerrahahn@bellevuecollege.edu)

Online Teaching Best Practices

UPDATED Workshop!

Fully online with weekly synchronous seminars

Date: April 9 – June 1

Discover how to be a more effective online educator. This pedagogy workshop focuses on investigating current best practices in teaching online/hybrid courses. Discussions and exercises center on topics such as effective course navigation, universal design, accessible content, copyright and fair use, effective discussions and assessments, diversity and equity in online learning, and the future of online education. The workshop will be organized as a seminar, with each meeting focused around particular topics. Most sessions will allow time for both discussion of the topic and time for presentation of redeveloped course material examples.

This is not an introductory workshop on how to set up your first course online.

This workshop is for instructors who have experience teaching hybrid or online, and are looking for a facilitated peer group to find the tools and energy to take their courses to the next level.

To learn how to use Canvas tools, take Canvas 101 in eLearning instead.

25 PD Hours, Stipend: $350*

10 seats- Register by Thursday, April 5

For more information, contact Ann Minks (aminks@bellevuecollege.edu), HSEWI.

Experiential Learning: Explore Growth vs. Fixed Mindset with Watercolor Pendant Making with Marika Reinke

Date: Friday, May 18, 1:30-3:30   (D104H)   Limited to 16 seats, so register today!

Watercolor pendants


Have you ever thought you aren’t creative?  Or painting is only for “talented” artists?  These common assumptions are symptoms of a classic fixed mindset and can be overcome by learning to cultivate a growth mindset.


In this hands-on workshop, we will explore art making and how our mindset both limits and expands performance and ability. We will identify common fixed mindset self-talk and behaviors and contrast them with growth mindset practices.  We will apply these principles as we explore learning watercolor painting techniques to create watercolor pendants. Finally, we will brainstorm how these behaviors and practices limit students and how to help foster a growth mindset in the classroom.

Prerequisites: No previous art experience necessary but bring an open mind willing to honestly assess assumptions and self-talk.

Evaluating the Persistence of College Students on Academic Probation

Thursday, May 17, 2:30-3:30   (D104H)

This session will focus on supporting Academic Advisors/Faculty to understand and increase their awareness of students on academic probation. The presentation will focus on students who are first generation, low socioeconomic status (SES), and person of color. In examining studies and comparing findings of students on academic probation, little has changed about the poor performances on national, state, and local assessments (ATD, 2016; Jenkins, 2014; Mulvey, 2008). The audience will experience challenges and strengths of students whose personal, social and academics often put them at risk of persisting in their education. Strategies that can motivate and support students’ persistence will be discussed in this interactive session.

No registration needed.

For more information, contact Paula McPherson or Cesar Rangel, BC Academic Advisors.


You may have heard about them, or even been a part of one before! They’re fun, engaging, collaborative, and meaningful. A Teaching Square is a group of three or four faculty members ideally from different disciplines who work together to explore their teaching. Teaching Squares are designed to improve teaching skills and build community through a positive process of classroom observation and shared reflection. They run the full quarter to allow for deep engagement.
PLEASE NOTE: Each Teaching Square facilitator will contact the registered members to schedule
any necessary meetings and get the process started!

Teaching Square: Encouraging Self-Regulated Learning

Sign up by 4/6 to allow the facilitator time to plan the first meeting.

 This teaching square will introduce you to the secrets of self-regulated learning using strategies through reflection activities.  How to teach students how to be self-regulated learners is a frequent question we have as teachers. This teaching square will introduce you to ways to enhance learning and create lifelong learners.  Through this non-evaluative opportunity, you will learn theory and activities and have the opportunity to apply what you learn by observing others and having others provide you with feedback.

10 PD Hours, $150 stipend*

3 seats maximum  Registration Link

For more information, contact Archana Alwar (aalwar@bellevuecollege.edu)

Teaching Square: Classroom Management

Gain ideas for managing your classes by forming a quarter-long peer group and observing three colleagues’ classes. Sara Gardner of the Autism Spectrum Navigators Program is facilitating this workshop with her expert knowledge of supporting students with a variety of disabilities.  Previous participation in our Classroom Management workshop is recommended, but not required.

Sign up by 4/6 to allow the facilitator time to plan the first meeting.

10 PD Hours, $150 stipend* 

Only 1 seat remaining as of publishing, use this link to register. 

 For more information, please contact Sara Gardner, ASN (sara.gardner@bellevuecollege.edu)

Teaching Square: Interdisciplinary Sustainability

Sign up by 4/6 to allow the facilitator time to plan the first meeting.

This teaching square allows faculty to gain interdisciplinary perspectives on sustainability and insight from other faculty while integrating sustainability into their teaching. To start, we will review basic sustainability principles and interdisciplinary perspectives on this issue. With the support of other faculty, participants implement a sustainability lesson into one of their own courses. Conversations with other faculty and observations of other courses will give faculty ideas to apply in their own courses.

10 PD Hours, $150 stipend*

8 seats maximum, register soon!

For more information, contact Sonya Doucette, Science (sonya.doucette@bellevuecollege.edu)


Language and Community: A Literary Discussion Group

Thursday, April 19, 2:30-3:30 p.m. (D104G)

Tuesday, May 15, 2:30-3:30 p.m.

Friday, June 1, 9:30-10:30 a.m.

Facilitated by English faculty, Nan Ma, this literature reading group for faculty in any and all disciplines meets once a month for an hour to discuss short stories, poetry and essays that are chosen by group members.  Some writers discussed in the past include Amy Hempel, Lydia Davis, Grace Paley, Ocean Vuong, Beidao, and Cesar Vallejo.  Literature offers nuanced ways for understanding human complexities and differences.  Through literary discussions, we gain insights into ourselves, our students, and the world at large.  Register today!


All Faculty and Staff are Welcome  Series Information

Does it seem like what we read in the daily news is more complex than ever? A new oil pipeline is not just a new pipeline. A hurricane is much more than a storm. An NFL player takes a knee…not in the end zone.  When is it #FakeNews? We need to make sense of these complex and incredibly important events of our times so we can in turn better support our students also grappling with these topics.

Fortunately for us, our Bellevue College faculty comprises extraordinary experts, thinkers, and educators in their disciplines. Our new series, “Unpacking Current Events,” will allow us to hear from our colleagues as they lead us in unraveling these events and seeing them through the lens of a scholar/practitioner in the field.

Spring quarter, in conjunction with Earth Week, our topic will be on Ocean Preservation.


Special Event! April 19th 1:30 -2:30 in the Faculty Commons. 

Join Emmanuel Irizarry-Soto of The Nature Conservancy in the U.S. Virgin Islands; Archana Alwar, native Puerto Rican, and Nancy Lane, Science for a dialogue focused on the multiple threats faced from the Caribbean to the Pacific Northwest.  Discover transformational ways to incorporate issues into the classroom.

A meet-and-greet reception in the Faculty Commons will follow the workshop from 2:30 -3:30.

Your Unpacking Event

Facilitators are paid for their preparation, facilitation, and post-discussion write-up. Proposal link coming soon. Contact Tonya Estes, FC Director, with your questions and ideas.


Breaking Bread with Colleagues 

12-1 p.m.  in D104H

Do you eat behind your computer? Do you wonder what your colleague across campus has been up to? Would you like to meet with people in a relaxing way? Let’s connect in the Faculty Commons over lunch.  This lunchtime is for us to build community while fueling up for our busy day. The Faculty Commons has a kitchen with a microwave, toaster oven, and hot plate for all to use. We kindly request all users to clean up after use.

BC Faculty Choir – NEW

Fridays, April 13, 27, May 11, 25 and June 8, 2:30-3:20 p.m. Loc. TBD

This spring, the Faculty Commons will be offering a special community building opportunity for Faculty, the BC Faculty Choir!  We will be meeting every other Friday starting on April 13th from 2:30-3:20pm   Aimee Hong, our own Bellevue College Class Voice and Concert Choir Instructor, will be leading us in music in preparation to a concert performance at the end of the quarter.  Please feel free to drop by when you have time even if you would prefer not to perform.  This is a great opportunity for faculty to get together and explore a musical way of engaging in community!   Register Here

For more information, contact Aimee Hong, A&H (aimee.hong@bellevuecollege.edu), or Allison Kang, Science (allison.kang@bellevuecollege.edu).


Important topics, little time! Sustain yourself with food, colleagues, and engaging conversation about critical topics in education. Come to the Faculty Commons for lunch and dialogue.

Using Technology to Improve Student Learning NEW

Wednesday, April 4, 11 a.m. -12 p.m. D104E

We just started the quarter and we may have students that are anxious and nervous. Do you know we can reduce class anxiety by connecting with your students using Canvas?

Registration is optional.

For more information, contact Archana Alwar, (aalwar@bellevuecollege.edu), Adjunct Mentoring Lead.

Mid-Term Evaluations and Other Ways to Gather Feedback on the Class and Teaching Approach – Cancelled

Wednesday, May 2, 12:00-1:00 p.m. D104E

We are on Week # 5 and we are wondering how we are doing as teachers. We can gather feedback from students in different ways for students to self-reflect and for us to know our teaching strategies are working or we need to make some changes.

For more information, contact Archana Alwar, (aalwar@bellevuecollege.edu) Adjunct Mentoring Lead.  

Project Based Learning NEW

Thurs. April 26, 12:30-1:30 p.m.  D104H

Join Miranda Kato and Christina Sciabarra at lunchtime to discuss Project Based Learning (PBL). Have you wondered what people mean when they talk about PBL? Do you think you might actually be using projects in your course, but you’re not quite sure? Do you want to hear about what others are doing on campus? Come over to the Faculty Commons with your lunch to learn about PBL with our campus leads.

For additional information, please contact Miranda Kato, PBL Lead, or Christina Sciabarra, Center for Career Connections.


Spring 2018 New Faculty Orientation

Thursday, March 22, 8:30 a.m.–12:30 p.m.  D104H

For our new faculty beginning to teach Spring Quarter 2018, we are now offering our New Faculty Orientations at the end of winter quarter! We want our new faculty to feel supported and ready to go before their first quarter begins. Topics include: intro to Canvas, the syllabus, Outlook, the podium, parking stickers, printing, Title IX, a tour of Student Services, FERPA, and more.

Register soon!

Stipend: $100, provided by the Office of Instruction

Lunch will be provided.

Writing Your Diversity Statement (NEW)

Wednesday, May 23rd + May 30th, 1:30-2:30 pm. (D104H)

Do you have a Diversity Statement? Could you articulate it in writing? What about in an in-person interview? A Diversity Statement is often a requirement for tenure-track teaching jobs (and increasingly for adjunct teaching jobs as well) and being able to clearly articulate your commitment to diversity and equity is also important for promotional purposes. This workshop will focus on helping participants articulate their own diversity statement—both in person and in writing. Sample Diversity Statements will be shared with those who participate.

Register today! 

For more information, contact Tim Jones, (tim.jones@bellevuecollege.edu) Tenure-Track Mentoring Program Lead. 

Adjunct Contract – Rights and Responsibilities

Tuesday, April 17, 11:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. (D104H)

Wednesday,  April 25,  3:30 – 4:30 p.m.                             

Learn about your rights and your responsibilities as an adjunct instructor at Bellevue College. We will cover course assignment, office hours, promotion, annual/multi-annual contracts, class caps, course evaluations, performance reviews, and participation in college governance, professional development, leave, unemployment insurance, child care benefits, and more.

For more information, contact Tobi Rosenberg, A&H


Introduction to Grants

Wednesday, May 23 1:30 – 2:30  (D104E)

Bellevue College was awarded over $5 million last year in grant funding for programs and services across the college like the Basic Food and Employment and Training program, the Center for Career Connections, and the Basic Adult and Transitional Studies department. But where did that funding come from, and how can programs pursue new projects using grant money? The Grants Office is offering an Introduction to Grants workshop to help interested faculty and staff learn about grant opportunities, services the Grants Office offers, and how to develop ideas into solid cases for funding.

No registration needed.

For more information, contact Brandon Lueken, Grants Coordinator




Mondays, April 2 – June 11, 12:30 – 1 p.m. in D104E

In this session, we will use an ancient Chinese health care regimen that ties together posture, breathing, and focus. This practice can help maintain health, heal bodies, calm minds, and reconnect with our spirit. We will use WuQinXi as an exercise to lead the practice.

You’ll leave the room relaxed and re-energized!

Facilitator: Wei Geiger, A&H, World Languages.   No registration needed.

Back Fit

Tuesday, May 8, 11:30 a.m. -12:30 p.m. (D104H)

Thursday, May 31, 2:30 – 3:30 p.m. 

We got your back! 

A healthy, pain-free back contributes to overall well-being. Learn how to strengthen, stretch, and increase mobility of back supporting muscles. Learn tips and techniques for core activation and proper workplace sitting. We will also learn to use essential tools like bands and foam rollers.

Join us, you’ll be glad you did!   No registration needed.

For more information, contact Amy Swanson, HSEWI (amy.swanson@bellevuecollege.edu)

Move Those Muscles!

Tuesday, 4/24, 3:30 – 4:30 p.m.

Move Your Muscles: Have a gym but no personal trainer? Have no gym but want guidance on what to buy for home? Learn tips and techniques to design your own fitness plan that includes strength, cardio, and flexibility (based on your goals.) Templates for workouts will be provided and different exercise equipment techniques will be touched on!

For more information, contact Amy Swanson, HSEWI


No registration needed. Add this to your Outlook Calendar today!

Stress Reduction Techniques

Tuesday, 4/12, 8:30 a.m.

Thursday, 5/10, 3:30 p.m.

We live in an age of chronic stress. Juggling the competing priorities of work, family, health, finances, and relationships can have us on edge a lot of the time. After a while, we get used to feeling stressed and it becomes our new normal. There’s a price to pay for being chronically stressed out – burn out, fatigue, more frequent colds and flu, trouble sleeping, brain fog, conflict in our relationships, and the list goes on. Come learn a new way to manage your stress to reduce the impact of it and find a path to a new way of “doing” life.

In this workshop, you will

  • Learn what “chronic stress” is and identify the sources in your life of chronic stress.
  • Understand how to identify when chronic stress is impacting you  – physically, mentally, and emotionally.
  • Learn techniques for managing stress on the physical, mental, and emotional levels.
  • Leave the session with a plan to put your stress reduction skills into action.

For more information, contact Laurie Carlson, MA, CPCC, HSEWI


*For a full list of workshops offered, check out our quarterly schedules here*

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