Taylor Dalrymple Picture

Taylor Dalrymple

Adjunct Support Lead


Taylor started at Bellevue College in fall 2015. He has taught as an adjunct in Adult Basic Education, English Language Institute, Sociology, and Counseling. He has been actively involved in a variety of positions in campus governance and service: co-chair the Positive Policies for Adjunct Committee, lead in Service Learning and Community Engagement efforts, and co-chair of Learning English in Action Program (LEAP), as examples.

Taylor is excited to join the leadership team in the Faculty Commons. He describes the Commons as the place that made him feel at home at the college. In 2015, he didn’t benefit from the current new faculty orientation or the mentoring programs that started in 2017, and he knows how important a clear, supportive, and guiding onboarding is for adjunct faculty. Taylor is looking forward to working with Archana on the transition, learning from her and building on the programs she has so lovingly developed over the past 5 years.

Over the next few quarters, Taylor will be building relationships with people in areas across campus to manage the orientations, mentoring, advocacy, and faculty development aspects of this position: Adjunct Faculty, Program Chairs, DODs, Student Affairs Staff, Positive Policies for Adjuncts, BCAHE, Interactive eLearning Staff, Technology Services Staff, and others.