Application Steps & Checklist

To be considered for the BC Foundation Scholarship for the 2023-24 academic year, you must complete all steps listed on the application checklist.

Step 1
Apply to become a Bellevue College student

You may do so online or in-person to become a Bellevue College student. Once completed, you will receive a welcome email that includes your student ID. Your student ID is needed for the online scholarship application system.

NOTE: Current high school seniors and prospective BC Students interested in applying for the scholarship can still submit the application without a BC issued student ID. Students will ONLY be awarded a BC Foundation scholarship upon attending BC and scholarships are non-transferable.

Step 2
Complete the BC Foundation Scholarship Application

OPEN: January 2023

Start your BC Foundation Scholarship application.

You must complete ALL the short answer questions.



Step 3
Submit the BC Foundation Scholarship Application

DUE: March 12, 2023

In addition to completing and submitting the Application, all required documents MUST also be submitted by the deadline. Documents that are received after the deadline may not be considered for the selection process.



Step 4
Submit the required supplemental documents

DUE: March 12, 2023

Recommender Form. The Recommender form will be sent to the individual you choose while filling out your application. There is no form for the applicant to send the recommender. The Recommender Form must be completed and submitted online in order for your application to be considered complete. Please check with the recommender to confirm they received the form and have submitted it.


Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) – “Need-based” scholarships ONLY.

Many of the BC Foundation scholarships are intended for students who have financial need. To be considered eligible for those particular scholarships, you will need to complete the BC Financial Aid process which includes completing the FAFSA and a BC Financial Aid Application.

  • Complete the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) each year you attend Bellevue College.
    • The FAFSA is a federal application and is required for all types of aid, including loans.
    • Make sure you select Bellevue College from the drop-down menu on your application.
    • 1 – 2 weeks after you submit the FAFSA, you will receive a response from the federal processor, which includes a summary of your application. Review this carefully for accuracy. You can go back to your application and make corrections if needed.
    • The Student Financial Services Office receives your FAFSA information electronically and will process your award.
  • Completion of the FAFSA does not obligate you to accept loan, grant, or scholarship money.
  • DREAMer Students OnlyComplete the WASFA (Washington Application for State Financial Aid)
    • Eligibility for several Washington State financial aid programs has expanded to include students who are ineligible for federal financial aid due to immigration status.
    • Complete the WASFA once each year for every year you attend Bellevue College.
  • Admission Requirements

BC Email: You are required to use it! This is the way we communicate with you. Once you are admitted to the college and receive your Student ID number, go here to set up your account.

Last Updated February 1, 2023