Payment Information


How You Will Receive Your Scholarship Funds

Your scholarship funds will be sent directly to the financial aid office prior to the start of the academic year and added to your Financial Aid Award letter which can be viewed on your Financial Aid Portal.

Please allow processing time for the Financial Aid Office to apply the scholarship funds to your student account and revise your financial aid. In some cases, the funds may not be applied to your account until after the start of the term. Please follow up with the Financial Aid Office to determine the timing of the scholarship payment.

Paying Your Tuition Charges

Your scholarship will be divided equally over the number of terms of enrollment (i.e. Fall, Winter, and Spring quarters; funds are not available Summer quarter). Generally, the Financial Aid Office will use your scholarship funds to pay towards your tuition charges about a week before the quarter begins. If your scholarship funds, combined with any other financial aid you might have, do not cover all your tuition, you are responsible for paying the remaining balance.


Purchasing Books

If your scholarship funds are greater than your tuition charges, you may have the option to use the remaining funds to purchase your textbooks from the BC Bookstore. More information on how to receive a voucher to purchase your textbooks using your scholarship funds can be found here. If your tuition charges are greater than your scholarship funds for the quarter, you will not be able to use any of your funds to purchase textbooks.

Using Scholarship Funds for Less Than Three Quarters

If you will be completing your time at BC before the end of the Spring term and will not be enrolled in the full year, scholarship funds will only be available for the terms you will be attending BC. Any unused portions of your scholarship cannot be added to another term and will be canceled for any terms not enrolled.

 Enrollment Requirements

You will generally need to be enrolled full-time and meet your college’s Satisfactory Academic Progress policy in order to receive the funding. If you are not enrolled full-time at the start of the term, your scholarship funding will be delayed until the matter has been resolved. If you are planning to enroll in less than 12 credits for a term, please contact the Foundation at

Last Updated September 29, 2022