Scholarship Acceptance & Donor Thank You

Accepting or Declining Your Scholarship

ONLY students who received a scholarship offer letter should complete the BC Foundation Scholarship Agreement Form, whether you are accepting the scholarship or not. 

  • Students who are accepting the scholarship will have the opportunity to review and accept the terms of the scholarship.
    *Failure to complete the Agreement Form by the deadline may result in forfeiting your scholarship.
  • Students who need to decline the scholarship due to no longer meeting the eligibility requirements (i.e. not attending BC) must also complete the Agreement Form.

Thanking Your Donor

New scholarship recipients receiving the BC Foundation Scholarship must complete a thank you note for their donor(s). Instructions for completing your Donor Thank You Note will be provided on the form. Be prepared to provide a current picture of yourself, and compose a note to the donor listed on your scholarship offer letter.

Your scholarship has been provided by a generous donor. As a part of the BC Foundation Scholarship program, when your donor(s) agreed to provide this scholarship, they were offered the opportunity to get to know their scholar.

The BC Foundation will send the following to your donor upon request:

  • Your Donor Thank You Note
  • Your current picture
  • Your responses on the annual Update Form

Last Updated December 21, 2020