Book Purchasing Instructions

Process for Obtaining a Textbook Voucher

Students that have been selected to receive a BC Foundation Scholarship may use a portion of their scholarship funds each term to purchase their books in the BC Bookstore. *Foundation Scholarship funds may only be used in the BC Bookstore and cannot be used as a voucher for any other bookseller. 

  1. Take a list of your course numbers with you to the bookstore and collect all the textbooks you will need for the upcoming quarter.
  2. Bring the books to the cashier and explain that you are trying to obtain a textbook voucher from Financial Aid. You will need to ask the cashier to ring up the books but as a “VOID.”
  3. Take the voided receipt to the Financial Aid office, again explaining that you would like to get a textbook voucher. You will need to give the Financial Aid office your voided receipt from the bookstore and also fill out some forms. It will take 24-48 hours to process the voucher; this timeline is subject to the current processing time indicated to you by the Financial Aid office.
  4. At the time indicated to you by the Financial Aid office, you can pick up your voucher from Financial Aid. Return to the bookstore, collect your books, and use your voucher to pay for them.

Please note that any funds used to purchase books from the BC Bookstore will be reduced from your total scholarship award. Please plan ahead to ensure that you have sufficient funds to cover your expected BC charges on your student account if you choose to use this option for purchasing your textbooks. The Foundation is not able to supplement your scholarship funds to assist in buying textbooks.

Last Updated January 25, 2021