Scholar Update

Hello scholars! We hope you have had a wonderful and productive year. At the end of each year, the Foundation would like to take the opportunity to connect with our current scholars and see how the year went for you. Your scholarship has been provided by a generous donor, and as a unique part of the BC Foundation Scholarship program, when your donor(s) agreed to provide this scholarship, they were offered the opportunity to get to know their scholar. In an ongoing effort to keep your donor(s) involved in your educational and personal experiences, we ask that you submit an annual update letting your donor(s) know how your last year was and any other experiences you would like to share with them. Your responses will also help us improve programming to better serve BC Foundation Scholars and BC students as a whole.

All BC Foundation Scholarship recipients are invited to provide a Scholar Update each spring at the end of the academic year for which they are receiving their funds. In the update, you will be able to share:

  • If you are graduating from Bellevue College and from what program,
  • What your major highlights of the year were, and
  • How the scholarship funds assisted you throughout the year.

Last Updated December 29, 2022