Designing Our Future: Letter from the President

Arch depicting the Designing Our Future process. Links to larger version of image.The Bellevue College Strategic Plan, and related Academic Master and Student Affairs plans have been written at a moment of great opportunity. As the college approaches its 50th anniversary, we find ourselves with strong enrollments, an increasingly wide range of innovative programming, and a prime location within a region characterized by population growth and economic prosperity.

The guiding metaphor for our future, an arch, symbolizes the interconnections and interdependence of our major guiding plans – held together by the keystone of the 5-year Strategic Plan. The year-long planning process involved broad representation, including input from the Board of Trustees, college leadership, faculty, exempt and classified staff, students, and community partners. The completed arch reveals a common direction towards which we can orient our mutual efforts.

Bellevue College’s major planning documents are designed to evolve with the changing needs of the institution. Like everything we do, they are primarily concerned with increasing the success of all our students. In addition, they provide guidance on issues such as curricular and physical growth, increased community engagement, and an enhanced campus environment. The development of these plans was one of my major goals for academic year 2013-2014, and I look forward to the direction they provide as Bellevue College moves into the second half of its first century.

 David L. Rule