First Year Experience at Bellevue College


The First Year Experience (FYE) course (HD 100) facilitates the transition of new students into Bellevue College. The course aims to promote engagement, a sense of belonging, and articulate expectations of the college and its faculty.  FYE helps students develop and apply critical thinking skills and clarify their academic and career purpose, meaning, and direction.  FYE is a student success course required for a first-time college student entering Bellevue College. Upon completion, students will receive college-level credit.


Our vision is to provide first year students a positive experience within the transition process into Bellevue College.

Mission of FYE:

Our mission is to help students transition into Bellevue College based on 6 domains identified within literature and from personal experience that is important to student success.

  1. Develop a connection to Bellevue College students and instructor(s)
  2. Understand the pluralism at Bellevue College
  3. Understand academic expectations and terminology
  4. Identify, locate, and access academic support services
  5. Identify learning strategies to assist with the transition into college
  6. Develop an educational plan relating to major, career and/or transferring institution

New Students Exempt of FYE:

If you are a new student who identifies as African American, Native American or Latinx?  You are eligible to be a part of the MCS Scholars Program and would attend a different new student experience.  Learn More about the MCS Scholars Program.

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