FYS Team

Meet Jeremiah Allen, FYS Program Chair

Jeremiah (he/him) has been teach at Bellevue College for 4 years. He also teaches composition courses in the English Department. As a community college graduate himself, Jeremiah enjoys working with students from all backgrounds, especially those who have been told that college “wasn’t for them.”

Teaching philosophy: “I believe that all students have the inner resources to be successful in their academic careers. My goal is to help students connect to the many external resources that Bellevue College has to offer so that they can learn to unlock their potential and thrive.”

Hobbies: Skiing, hiking, and road trips with the doggo.
Fun Fact: Jeremiah is working towards a black belt in hapkido.
Contact: j.allen@bellevuecollege.edu

Meet Jadyn Saxon, FYS Lead Peer Educator

Jadyn helps FYS students connect to the campus community and resources and helps students to learn about FYS. Jadyn really appreciated the low-stress environment of FYS 101, as well as the friends she made taking the class. She is excited to work as a peer educator because she enjoys helping others and looks forward to guiding students through their first experiences at BC.

Hobbies: Listening to music, spending time with friends, playing video games.
Major: While Jadyn is still exploring degree programs she is currently interested in computer science and criminal justice.
Contact: fyseminar@bellevuecollege.edu

Last Updated September 20, 2023