Bellevue College Gallery Space is excited to announce the closing event line up for yehaw’ exhibition

Closing Event


June 12th 4-9PM


A photograph of 3 musicians from the band "The Savages". They are shown standing in a horizontal row in front of a wood door with white hinges, the hinges have rust on them. Each member of the band is wearing a different outfit. The individual in the center and on the right have hoods up from their sweaters and coats. The member of the band on the left does not have a hood. The individual on the far right is holding a mug.The ground they are standing on is concrete and has small plants growing in a crack. 

Them Savages


Musical guests for the evening “Them Savages”

Originally from Flagstaff Arizona, the band will be at Bellevue College to celebrate the closing of the yehaw’ exhibition at gallery space.

 on describes the band in this way:

“The best thing about Them Savages is how though they might be small in number, they produce the kind of sound that could fill a stadium. Whether it’s the ferocious and full vocals or the deep, oddly hollow yet replete instrumentation, they have a distinctive sound and one that should grab your attention and refuse to let go until you start bobbing your head. If you need proof of just how infectious Church Songs is, check out ‘Pretty Little Thief‘ towards the album’s rousing finale.”

You can check out the bands music on their bandcamp website here:




In addition to the musical event, Bellevue College Gallery Space will be hosting poets and artists from “Dzek’w: An Indigenous Art Zine”. Readings by the following individuals will take place throughout the night.

Skyler Reed

Asia Tail

Erin Tail


Readings will start at 6 PM followed by music from Them Savages. Light refreshments will be served.




Last Updated June 11, 2019