materials for exhibit

Unless arrangements are made with the gallery director, you are responsible for delivering, installing, and picking up your work. The gallery assists with installation, lighting the work, taking care of publicity and providing food and drink for the opening reception.

Final say in the inclusion, exclusion, and arrangement of work rests with the gallery director.

delivery & installation of  Work:

The gallery is on the second floor. There is a standard size elevator and loading dock. Please arrange a time with the gallery director for installing your work.

Provide information on labeling for each piece. This can be emailed to the gallery director in the form of a word document. Please include: Artist, Title, Medium, and Date for each piece.

exhibit poster/advertising:

Please contact Jono Vaughan to work out the plan for advertising for your exhibition.

For print advertising, we like to use high-resolution (minimum 300 DPI, TIFF preferred) image(s) of actual artwork to be included in the exhibit, labeled with Artist, Title, Medium, and Date.

Last Updated October 29, 2021