Faculty & Staff International Professional Development and Curriculum Internationalization

BC faculty are key players who will make BC internationalization a reality. An investment in faculty development will result in faculty support for international education. Internationalization efforts are intended to prepare students, faculty and staff to become more globally competent and to function in a multi-cultural context and in an interconnected, interdependent world.

In this global era, it is necessary that the majority of faculty have some responsibility for contributing to and broadening the international base of teaching, research and service programs with the ultimate goal of increasing their global competence and “internationalized mindset”.

What is needed is a campus culture and commitment to internationalization that engages faculty in cultural and international initiatives that create opportunities for faculty to:

  • Demonstrate an interest in other countries, cultures and world affairs. The interest is evidenced in discussions, involvement in international groups, and participation in seminars and workshops that go beyond the individual’s disciplinary expertise.
  • Increase understanding of another culture, country or region of the world and become conversant in one or more other languages. This understanding is reinforced by travel, study and linkages related to those countries.
  • Integrate international dimensions and comparisons into courses that helps students value different cultural or global perspectives in addressing issues.
  • Participate in international meetings, etc., and develop a network of international colleagues that evolves into joint efforts such as technology-linked classes, research grants, development projects, exchange of students, and formal linkages or agreements involving units of their campuses.
  • Visit a learning abroad site of interest and advice students about the importance of participating in a learning abroad experience. Such faculty are also critical partners to study abroad professionals in identifying learning abroad courses and programs.
  • Develop or deliver a learning abroad course or experience that involves BC students.

A faculty survey [PDF] conducted by GI showed that 63 percent of respondents were interested in participating in international faculty development activities and more than 80 percent of respondents reported that they would like to increase the number of students who study abroad.

In response to survey results GI has developed the following programs:

GI also conducted a staff internationalization survey [PDF]. For results, follow the staff survey link [PDF].

Last Updated December 30, 2022