Governance Documents

Documents establishing and describing BC Governance (BCG) are available below.

History of BC Governance

The process to develop a new system of governance at Bellevue College began during fall 2014.

1210P College Governance


Describes how BC Governance is organized. It includes roles and memberships for the Assembly and all councils, as well as information about officers, nominations, elections, appointments, and meetings. The Charter also describes the process of amendments.

College Assembly and Council Bylaws

The College Assembly and council bylaws establish operations for the Assembly, constituency councils, and functional councils. Because these bylaws describe the operating process for basic matters regarding membership, meetings, and recommendations, the bylaws for the College Assembly and all councils are very similar.

College Assembly Bylaws  

[Recommended meeting days/times for the College Assembly are 2:45-4:15 p.m. on the first and third Mondays of the month during fall, winter, and spring quarters.]

Constituency Council Bylaws

Faculty Council Bylaws
Student Council Bylaws
Exempt Council Bylaws
Classified Council Bylaws

Functional Council Bylaws

[Recommended meeting days/times for the functional councils are 2:45-4:15 on the first and/or third Wednesdays of the month during fall, winter, and spring quarters.]

Student Success Council Bylaws
Resources and Planning Council Bylaws
Council for Inclusion and Diversity Bylaws
Infrastructure Council Bylaws

BCG Compensation schedule

In order to ensure that members of all college constituencies can participate in the governance system, individuals will receive release time or additional compensation depending on their circumstances.

BCG Operating Handbook Launch Version 5-5-2016

The BCG Operating Handbook outlines the decision-making process at the college and describes how it supports governance operations. It is intended for faculty, students, and staff working within the system as a reference for introducing issues and understanding process and communication. It can also be used as a reference for the president and members of the board of trustees to determine where to seek input on policy development and the implementation of procedures. The BCG Operating Handbook is a working document subject to revision by the Governance Coordinator in consultation with the College Assembly.

All interested members of the BC community are encouraged to review and comment on any of the documents above. Submit a Comment  or  email BC Governance.

Last Updated July 27, 2017