Q: How can councils and the Assembly create and distribute printed materials and swag?

A: Because BC Governance is an officially recognized part of the college, councils and the Assembly should follow the style guidelines maintained by Institutional Advancement. Council and Assembly members should work closely with the Governance Coordinator to ensure that marketing materials are consistent with the college’s image and use the BC Governance logo and other branding appropriately.

Q: Can a meeting continue if it doesn’t maintain a quorum?
A: If a chair or any member notices that enough members have left a meeting that there is no longer a quorum as required in the bylaws, they should note that a quorum is no longer present and no further business may be conducted.

Q: Can I serve on a council if I’m not able to attend meetings in person?
A: Excusing absences or making arrangements for council members to conference into a meeting electronically is at the discretion of the council chair. In general, council members should be available to attend meetings on campus regularly.

Q: Can council members or resource liaisons send designees, substitutes, or proxies to a council or Assembly meeting?
A:  In the case of being absent from a meeting, members may send their written proxy to the chair by email. This written proxy can be used to establish a quorum so that the council is able to conduct business. It can also be used for voting, in cases where the exact wording of a motion is known in advance. Members may also write to the chair to request an excused absence.

It’s not necessary for members to send a formal designee or substitute to meetings in order to stay up up-to-date on the proceedings because all meetings are open to the entire college community. Because members were elected or appointed, they can not be represented at meetings by other employees participating on their behalf.

Since the need to vote and establish quorum isn’t pertinent to non-voting resource liaisons, they may choose to send a designee to a council meeting to provide needed expertise.

Councils and the Assembly, through their chairs, may invite guests to participate at meetings at their own discretion.



[Note: These FAQs represent the intentions of the Governance Development Team, Governance Advisory Groups, and BCG membership. In some cases, the original documents may need to be amended. Direct questions about these FAQs or suggestions for additional FAQs to the Governance Coordinator.]


Last Updated January 31, 2017