Associates Degree or Equivalent Technical Coursework

Students looking to enter the Healthcare Informatics program at Bellevue College must first complete the equivalent of 30 credits of coursework related to healthcare, IT or business intelligence. This can be satisfied in one of three ways: through completion of an Associate Degree in an IT-related or healthcare related field, completion of an applicable academic certificate or by completing at least 30 credits of individual courses that are Healthcare or IT-related.

Associate Degree Options

Certificate Options

Individual Courses

The following courses are recommended as possible technical coursework that can be completed towards admission to the Healthcare Informatics program.

Unsure If You Meet This Requirement?

If you would like to confirm whether the Healthcare Informatics program would accept a degree, certificate or course(s) not listed above, or that comes from an outside college/university, please email: (Be sure to include the name of the school, course number, course title and a description if available).

Last Updated January 31, 2019