Academic Options

Bellevue College offers numerous academic options to meet the needs of students who are looking to pursue or advance a career in the rapidly growing field of healthcare informatics, which uses information technology to assess and improve healthcare services.

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Step 1: Associate Degree or Equivalent Technical Coursework

Students looking to enter the Healthcare Informatics program at Bellevue College must first complete an Associate Degree in an IT-related or healthcare related field OR the equivalent of 30 credits of coursework related to healthcare, IT or business intelligence. Bellevue College offers a number of degrees and applicable courses to meet this requirement. Learn More…

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Step 2: Bachelor Degree Completion

Bellevue College offers a Bachelor of Applied Science degree (BAS) in Healthcare Informatics. This career-oriented program offers cutting-edge, professionally relevant curriculum designed to prepare students to successfully compete for jobs in this rapidly growing field. It can be completed entirely online and offers both a full-time and part-time track towards completion. Learn More…

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Step 3: Advanced Degrees

Upon successful completion of the BAS Healthcare Informatics program, you’ll be eligible to apply for master-level programs and advanced degree programs such as the Master’s in Healthcare Informatics, Master’s in Public Health or Master’s in Healthcare Administration (MHA). If you are a current student, reach out to your advisor today to learn more!

Already Have a Bachelor’s Degree or previous experience in the field?

We offer advanced certificate options to meet the career advancement needs of working professionals. These certificates are well-suited for individuals who already have significant experience and are seeking to advance or specialize in healthcare informatics or healthcare data analytics. Visit our certificates.