Personal Statement

Personal Statement (500-800 words):

Tell us how the HCI program at Bellevue College will enable you to attain your professional goals in the field of Healthcare Informatics?

The HCI admissions committee will assess your Personal Statement on the bases of whether 1.) you articulate a solid understanding of how the HCI program could help you to attain your educational goals for future employment in the field and whether 2.) your past academic and work history will enable you to thrive in the program.


This statement gives us a chance to learn more about who you are as an individual and see if your goals and experiences are a good fit for the program and the college as a whole. This is an opportunity for you to express your personal and professional aspirations.  Also, this is a chance for you to show us your ability to communicate clearly and effectively. Indeed, the statement has an important role in helping us evaluate your potential place within our present HCI program, and, more generally, your future prospects in the field of Healthcare Informatics.

Format and Structure

Your personal statement should be organized around the above questions and below supporting bullet points. It should contain a clear introduction, body, and conclusion. Use the question to frame the sections of your response and make sure to include as much bulleted information as you can to support your response.

In other words, you should use the below bullet points as guidepost on how to organize your statements into different paragraphs so that you develop a coherent and logical discussion. For example, your first paragraph should contain your thesis statement, which would be a general statement that says in a nutshell why you are applying for the HCI program. Then, you should use each bullet point to craft a topic sentence and to develop that paragraph so it addresses that specific issue.

To properly address the questions above, you should discuss the following as support for your response:

  • Your educational background—knowledge or experience gained
  • Your previous and current work experience that could be relevant to HCI
  • Accolades awarded and personal or professional challenges overcome
  • Specific or unique attributes that you could bring to the program and that you believe make you a strong candidate
  • Your personal and professional goals
  • Your commitment to diversity, social justice, and being a local and global citizen
  • Your desire to be a vibrant and interactive part of the HCI/Bellevue College community

Please use Times New Roman 12pt font double spaced.

Grading Rubric

Personal Statement Grading Rubric

What Does the Rubric Score Mean?

The Personal Statement is worth a total of 20 points. Students who score below a 15 on their personal statement will be required to participate in our quarter-long Writing Support Program (WSP). Students who score a 15 and higher are welcome to participate in the Writing Support Program, but are not required.

Ways to Prepare

6 Tips for Writing a Personal Statement

Check out this helpful article written by our HCI Writing Specialist to help you get started on the writing process.

Personal Statement Writing Workshops

Students preparing to apply for admission to the Healthcare Informatics program may find it helpful to attend a personal statement writing workshop hosted by our HCI Writing Specialist, Tom Donohue. We will share detailed information about the prompt questions, what reviewers will be looking for and offer helpful strategies for writing a compelling statement. RSVP with Tom at

  • Please check back when Fall 2020 admission opens in March

Last Updated July 30, 2019