Maurya Radvilas Picture

Maurya Radvilas

Adjunct Faculty


Maurya Radvilas is a tenured full professor for the Healthcare Management & Leadership program as well as the Radiation and Imaging Sciences program.

Maurya’s teaching philosophy is the same as her leadership philosophy. Perhaps this is true because Maurya was a teacher before she became a leader. Her drive to excellence in the clinical setting through the personal study of physics, anatomy, and pathology led to her developing courses to share that knowledge with others. As Maurya’s experience in leadership continued to develop, she also learned that critical thinking, innovation, and collaboration are values that can be incorporated into her teaching philosophy. In 2010, MultiCare Health System executive leadership provided an opportunity for Maurya to participate in the Leadership Legacy Program. During this program, Maurya developed her legacy statement; “freely share my personal and professional passions with others so that they will freely share theirs in return.” Maurya’s personal passions are music and motion which often translates into dance and believe it or not – golf. Her professional passions are quality and safety. Over the years, teaching and leadership have provided Maurya with the vehicle to achieve this legacy.