Distance Education

Students may complete the BAS in Healthcare Technology & Management entirely from a distance through a mixture of fully online and synchronous distance-based evening courses. Information related to our distance education option is listed below:

How it works

The bachelor’s program was specifically designed to meet the flexible educational needs of its students. Students who wish to participate entirely from a distance can take fully online courses and complete the hybrid evening classes from a distance using web conference software.

Fully online

Fully online courses are defined as courses in which all regularly scheduled classroom time is replaced by required activities completed at a distance and managed online through a course management system or equivalent technology.

  • Online courses require no fixed-schedule visits to the BC campus or other pre-determined location.
  • All activities can be completed geographically remote from the BC campus, but the student is responsible for arranging a location suitable to the course requirements.
  • Visits to particular sites, for instance for tests, internships, service learning, interviews, field research, or other curricular activity may be required, but the location and scheduling of these activities is flexible.

Hybrid Evening

Hybrid evening courses are defined as courses with blended educational environments that utilize both online and face-to-face experiences to meet learning objectives. For the BAS program, hybrid evening courses require a weekly real-time discussion with the remainder of required activities completed online through a course management system or equivalent technology.

  • Hybrid evening courses do require a fixed-schedule visits to the BC campus either in-person OR from a distance through the use of web conferencing software.
  • All activities can be completed geographically remote from the BC campus, but the student is responsible for arranging time and a location suitable for participating in the real-time discussion
  • The dates, times and location for courses requiring real-time discussion are posted in the online class schedule.

Information for Out of State Students

Enrollment in the BAS program is not limited to students who live geographically close to the BC Campus. Depending on the state, most students who live outside of Washington state may be able to attend as well.

Before offering distance education classes in other states, all institutions of higher education must obtain authorization from those states to offer classes to their residents. At this time, due to extraordinarily high costs to obtain authorization, and/or other limiting factors, we regret that Bellevue College cannot offer distance education classes to students who live in Alabama, Arkansas, Kentucky, Maryland, Minnesota, and Puerto Rico.

Other states may have restrictions for certain programs that include internships, externships, clinicals and practicums. Please contact susan.hampson@bellevuecollege.edu for more information.


Yes, distance education can be convenient for those who are interested in continuing their education. However, it may not necessarily be the best educational model for everyone based on preferred learning style and available time commitment. We have provided a self-assessment test for determining if pursuing the BAS degree through distance education is right for you.

Is distance education right for me?