COVID-19 Vaccination and Healthcare Students

Students at any external sites or practicum are required to follow the business, local, state, and federal requirements. This may include vaccination requirements. Bellevue College does not make any guarantees of placement for practicum or external sites to students not fully vaccinated for COVID-19. Practicum facilities and businesses may deny not fully vaccinated students or students without a booster shot(s) access to their site which may result in an inability or delay to fulfill academic requirements. Alternatives to clinical work and site placements may not be available and these students may not be able to finish the program.

A formal letter written on 05/05/2022 by Dean of Health Sciences, Education and Wellness Institute, Leslie Heizer Newquist, further explains the impact for students enrolled in clinical-based programs. Letter to Health Sciences Students 5-5-2022 (link)

Key Takeaways: 

  • In addition to complying with Bellevue College vaccination requirements, health care students must also be prepared to follow clinical site requirements for vaccination
  • Bellevue College does not set or control clinical site standards or documentation requirements.
  • If you are not accepted by a clinical site due to your vaccination status and you qualify for a medical or religious exemption, the College will attempt to locate an alternative clinical placement, but cannot guarantee that a placement will be found.

To learn more about COVID-19 vaccination, the following sources have evidence-based information:

For help exploring your concerns and options, you may reach out to Bellevue College counseling or advising.

Last Updated May 6, 2022