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Writing is essential to the health sciences. Whether you’re working on a research paper, a report, or a discussion post, writing remains your primary tool for sharing ideas and communicating with peers or experts. Contrary to what you may think, writing is not an innate ability or talent; it is a learned skill. And like any other skill, it must be studied and practiced. All good writers, including your professors and the authors of your textbooks, revise and rewrite their work as much as they can. It is a process that takes time, so give it that and ask for help.

I’m here to assist you, so please contact me with your writing, revision, and language needs.

Tom, Writing Specialist/Coach


About the Website

The HSEWI Writing Center contains HSEWI-specific materials as well as general guides on writing, research, style, and grammar. Please take some time to explore the links. A good place to begin is by scanning the contents on the right toolbar.

Last Updated January 8, 2019