Reading to Write

Photo of college library book stacks

As you move through your coursework, you will begin to see how reading and writing are intertwined. Most of your writing will be in response to texts, so establishing a familiar reading process and good habits will go a long way. Remember that reading for your courses is very different than reading for pleasure. Great readers/thinkers reread, take notes (annotate), and ask critical questions.

Active reading, or actively engaging a text, means using notes, markings, and questions to interact and converse with the author. In order to be fully present for these textual conversations, you’ll want to find a comfortable space to absorb and understand what you are reading. Even if you can’t be alone, remove yourself from cell phone and social media distractions. Use technology to look up words and better understand the reading rather than take you away to another subject or line of thought. Practice this and, over time, you’ll begin to respond to the world within the text rather than without.

Explore the “Annotation” section to learn more about active reading.

Last Updated March 21, 2017