Writing Resources

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Online Writing Labs

I’ve put together a few links from around the academic web. Feel free to send me sites you recommend and share the ones you like with friends.

General Writing Guides

Videos On Writing

  • OWL Youtube Channel: This channel has videos on writing, rhetoric, grammar, style, and punctuation for native and non-native English speakers
  • The Writing Process:  An animated guide to writing a blog. Pay attention to how much work goes into planning, outlining, brainstorming, and data gathering
  • Online Writing Tutorial: Focuses on grammar, punctuation, organization, or style. Contains quizzes to test your skill level
  • Harvard Writes: Harvard faculty from all disciplines talk about forming academic arguments

Classroom Tutorials: Writing in the Sciences

These are video tutorials from Stanford University’s online course Writing in the Sciences. You can sign up for this course for free, or you can view its tutorials below:

Last Updated October 18, 2018