Youth High School Completion Program

What is Bellevue Colleges Youth High School Completion Program?

Bellevue College, Center for High School Programs Department offers high school completion coursework that meets the minimum credit requirements for a diploma in Washington State. It is granted by Bellevue College and is recognized just the same as a diploma issued by any accredited (official) high school in Washington State. Eligible students must be 16 years old by September 1st in order to begin that current school year. The program allows students to continue in the program either until completion or until they reach 20 years of age which ever comes first. However, students 20 year of age are able to finish through that academic year. Unfortunately as a State Program there are no exceptions.

  • Step 1. Complete the online application. The application will be processed within 10-15 business days.
  • Step 2. Submit your Official High School Transcript/s to the Center for High School Programs Office B233 the Front Desk will direct you accordingly.
  • Step 3. Make an appointment to meet with a High School Completion Case Manager at . Appointments must wait until we have initially reviewed your Official High School Transcript and fully processed your online application. Once these are completed we will be able to make the appointment.
  • Step 4. Bring your fully completed High School Completion Packet to the meeting with your case manager.The High School Completion Packet will be reviewed prior to you first appointment, your online application will be processed, and your official high school transcript will be evaluated. During your first appointment with a High School Completion Case Manager, the required packet for the High School Completion Program will be reviewed with you, for completion. Your high school transcript evaluation will be assessed with you. You will work with your Case Manager to decide which class/es you need to complete at Bellevue College to finish your high school diploma. If your skills are high enough, you may be able to take college level classes to meet some high school requirements! That means you could get started on a college degree while you finish high school!

  • Be at least 16 years of age, by September 1st of the current K-12 school year.
  • Be able to provide official (sealed) transcripts from all accredited high schools you have attended.
  • Complete all of the CEO High School Completion Program required forms.
  • Have reading, writing, and verbal skills in English, necessary to complete coursework.
  • If you are interested in completing your high school diploma with Bellevue College, you should consider downloading the following diploma program guide.

Bellevue College abides by the requirements set forth by the Washington Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI), the Department of Education, the State Board of Community and Technical Colleges and the Washington State Legislature.

Each month you will meet with your case manager to discuss your progress, work on high school completion requirements and make plans for your future.

Last Updated March 5, 2021