High School (HS) Educational & Career Pathways

What are Career Pathways?

A career pathway is an educational plan to prepare students for future careers, jobs, or occupations from high school to college. Occupations are broken down into categories that share the same skills, knowledge, and interests. Students can explore the occupational types below.

What are Meta-Majors?

Meta-Majors are collections of academic majors that have related courses. Within each Meta-Major are degrees and certificates that share common interests. The intent of selecting a Meta-Major is to help students choose a major and degree based on their interests, knowledge, skills, and abilities.

How to start my career path?

  1. Students can explore further career types by taking the Washington Career Bridge Career Quiz
  2. After the quiz, students can match up career quiz results with our CHSP Bellevue College Career Pathways [pdf]
  3. Explore what career pathways Bellevue College offers below
  4. Request Advising & Educational Planning through your program
  5. Explore options for paying for your education
  6. Prepare for the job and the interview