Frequently Asked Questions

Students conversing in the outdoor covered entryway.How do I move in?

Move-in takes place at the Bellevue College Residence Hall (H-Building) front desk on the ground floor across from Courter Field on a pre-scheduled day between 9:00 AM and 4:00 PM. Move-ins that take place outside of the designated date and time must be pre-scheduled by emailing Move-ins should occur within regular business hours.

What should I bring with me?

Housing provides students with the space, the furniture, and the experience of living on-campus in an engaging, educationally-driven environment. Students should consider bringing only those items which will support them while they are pursuing their education at Bellevue College. Suggested items can be found on this list:  Suggested Items for Move-In.

What are the community expectations?

Students living in the Bellevue College Residence Hall are expected to engage in safe, educationally-appropriate behaviors that support and do not detract from the academic and social success of others. View the Bellevue College Housing Community Standards.

What furniture comes with the apartment or suite?

Each bedroom comes with bed, mattress, desk, chair and dresser for each student.  The bedroom also has a closet.  Apartment living rooms have a couch provided.

Are mini-fridges allowed?

Yes. You can bring in one mini-fridge per bedroom but mini-fridges should not exceed 4.5 cubic feet.

What comes with the kitchen?

The kitchen has a stove, sink, refrigerator and cabinets.  Pots, pans, plates, and utensils (such as knives, forks and spoons), etc. are not provided.

Is cable provided?

No. Cable is not provided and students cannot sign up for a cable provider.

Is internet provided?

Wired internet and wi-fi are provided throughout the building.

Is the building air-conditioned?

The resident rooms are not air-conditioned.  Housing recommends students purchase fans if necessary.  Residents cannot install air conditioners.  If a student needs air-conditioning due to medical reasons, they should submit documentation to the housing office.  There will be a fee associated with air-conditioning installed by the campus.

Are pets allowed?

The only pets that is allowed in Housing are tropical fish, which can only be in a single tank that is 10 gallons or less.

Service and emotional support animals need to be approved through Disability Resource Center (425) 564-2498 or prior to move-in.

Do I need to move out during the quarter break?

No. If you are a continuing student, you can stay through breaks.  Generally, if your contract is ending, you will be asked to leave the weekend after finals.

Will there be a roommate agreement for me to sign?

Yes! Roommate agreements will be an interactive process done between roommates and with RAs.

Who is responsible for cleaning the apartment or suite?

Residents are responsible for cleaning their apartment or suite.  Vacuums are available to be checked out at the front desk.

Is there a fee for cleanup when I move out, or a deposit?   Who is responsible for damages to the apartment or suite?

Residents are responsible for damages in the apartment or suite beyond normal wear and tear.  Residents are also responsible for cleaning the apartment or suite before check out.

Housing will deduct any charges from the refundable deposit.  If charges exceed the deposit amount, the additional charges will be placed on the student account.  If damage to an apartment or suite cannot be linked to one resident, the charges will be split between roommates.

Are there access controls to the student units or building?

Exterior doors to the residence hall living quarters will be closed 24/7.  Residents can use their key to open building exterior doors, the apartment or suite entrance, and their bedroom door.

Are there visitation hours, regulations, or Curfews?

There are no curfews and no specific visitation hours.  Residents must escort guests at all times and residents will be responsible for guest behavior.  Guests cannot be tenants.  A Guest policy will include the maximum number of nights a guest can stay and the roommate agreement will provide additional guest guidelines.

What are the exact age restrictions for housing?

Age 17.

Will there be mixing of students under 18 with other students over 18? Even if they request it?

Yes but we will work to limit extreme differences.

How are the apartments/suites separated?

Floors will be co-ed and some units (when specifically requested) will be co-ed.

Can I switch rooms after the start of the quarter?

There will be a room change period and there will always be the possibility of room changes due to a variety of reasons.  If a room change results in room option change, a change in billing will occur.

Where can I purchase food and supplies (cleaning, medical, housing)?

There are several food options on campus.  There are also several stores to the north and south of campus.  Additionally, residents can purchase many items on-line and have them shipped to campus.

What is the laundry access like, and how much will it be?

Laundry will be located on first floor next to the building’s front desk.  Cost TBD.

Will I be issued a special parking permit for 24/7 parking? Is there a special lot for residents?

Students will not receive different permits.  The Parking office is working on identifying which lots will be 24/7 lots.  Students should contact the Parking office to get a parking permit.

What about visitors to Housing? Where can they park?

There will be load/unload locations for visitors.  Parking for visitors will be consistent with existing campus visitor parking.

What about delivery services or temporary parking for student pick-up? (Uber, uber eats, etc.)

There will be load/unload locations for delivery services to drop off or pick up.

How will the mail system work? Will I have a mailbox or storage for package pickup? What will the protocol be for packages (Amazon,USPS, etc)?

Students will have mailboxes and packages will be picked up at the front desk.

What is the building address?

Students should use the following template:

Jane Doe
Bellevue College Residence Hall
Box #___
3000 Landerholm Circle SE
Bellevue, WA 98007

Who is responsible for maintenance and on-call housing issues, such as if there is an immediate issue with plumbing or a refrigerator?

Campus Staff will be responsible for maintenance and on-call issues. There will be protocols for what is an emergency and what can wait until normal business hours.

Is conduct handled any differently in the residence hall from the rest of campus?

Conduct will be done in conjunction between Housing and Student Conduct.

What are the Alcohol and Smoking restrictions? Is there a Smoking area outside apartments?

The Alcohol policy follows state and federal laws with one addition:  If anyone in a room is under 21, there can be no alcohol in the room.  This policy includes guests.

Housing is a smoke-free, tobacco-free zone. (No smoking, vaping, dipping, etc.)   The building is a marijuana and other drug free zone.  Smoking outside will follow campus protocols.

Who can I contact if I have a concern?

For all concerns, residents can contact their Resident Assistant or the front desk, then the Residence Director.

When can I access information about applying to live during the summer, as well as summer fees?

Summer fees will be posted later in 2018.

Last Updated April 17, 2019