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Graduates will be prepared to work as data analysts, data technicians, and in some circumstances, data managers, in a wide range of organizations and industries.

What is Data Analytics?

A multi-dimensional discipline that uses math, statistics, descriptive techniques, and predictive models to better understand the data used to guide business action and decision making. Data analytics are used to illustrate concepts and inform business decisions. Data analytics is a rapidly emerging field.  The BAS in Data Analytics occupies the intersection where statistical analysis meets computer science.  Our formula:

Collect – Classify – Organize – Summarize – Analyze – Interpret

In this visionary degree program, students explore the methods, concepts, and tools need to solve real-life data problems with innovative and effective results, applicable to multiple industries and using combined business/scientific problem solving processes.

Data Analytics students are expected to acquire proficiency in database utilization, mastering commonly-used analysis tools such as Excel or R through applied learning emulations or service learning.  Experienced faculty will mentor and guide students throughout the learning process.  Graduates of this program will be prepared to work as data analysts, data technicians, and in some circumstances data managers in a wide range of organizations and industries.

What’s the difference between Data Analytics and Business Intelligence?


*Program Requirements have changed beginning Fall 2019

All students must complete the following prerequisites in order to be eligible for the BAS Data Analytics program:

  • Program General Education Prerequisites (35-41 credits):
    • ENGL& 101
    • ENGL 201, ENGL 235 or ENGL 271
    • 5 credits of College level math (MATH 138, MATH&141 or MATH 151)
    • 5 credits of Social Science from AAS-DTA transfer list
    • 5 credits of Humanities from AAS-DTA transfer list
    • Two Natural Sciences from AAS-DTA transfer list (one with a lab)
    • Level one Excel proficiency (BTS 165 or CS 250 or challenge test)
    • Technology and/or math credits must not be more than 5 years old
  • Program Elective Prerequisites (25-30):
    • 25-30 Elective credits
      • Any BC or transferable college level credits not used for general education prerequisites (commonly fulfilled from courses in associate degree)
  • Associate degree in Accounting, Business, Marketing, Computer Science or Information Systems, related field or an equivalent associate’s degree. Students may be admitted with 65 equivalent credits that represent the combinations of program prerequisites and other transferable college-level credits and other transferable college-level credits.
  • Cumulative GPA of 2.0 in all college courses

Notice: This list is for informational purposes only. Please verify information with the IBIT office before making decisions based on this information.

Degree Requirements 2019-2020

Coursework in the program includes areas such as Applied Statistical Methods, Predictive Analytics, Data Analysis with Software Programming, Data Visualization, and Web Analytics.

Standard BAS Data Analytics Course Schedule

*If you don't have a previous SQL class, you must take BUSIT 103
Full-Time Course Schedule
Year 3FallWinterSpring
*BUSIT 103 SQL Fundamentals or
BUS& 101 Intro to Bus or INST 150 International Bus
Math 341 Applied Statistical Methods IMATH 342 Applied Statistical Methods II
BA 240 Statistical AnalysisISIT 330 Business Intelligence AppsAny college-level programming class covering any procedural or object orientated language
DA 310 Intro to AnalyticsDA 320 Data Acquisition & MgmtISIT 334 Data Visualization Tools & Techniques
Year 4FallWinterSpring
DA 460 Data Analysis with Software & ProgDA 420 Predictive AnalyticsDA 485 Capstone
MKTG 262 Measurement and AnalyticsDA 410 Multivariate AnalysisECON 400 Econometrics
CMST 340 Advanced Communication in Bus & TechPHIL 375 Ethical Issues in ITDA 430 Marketing Analytics
Part-Time Course Schedule
Year 3FallWinterSpring
*BUSIT 103 SQL Fundamentals or
BUS& 101 Intro to Bus or INST 150 International Bus
Math 341 Applied Statistical Methods IMATH 342 Applied Statistical Methods II
BA 240 Statistical AnalysisISIT 330 Business Intelligence AppsISIT 334 Data Visualization Tools & Techniques
Year 4FallWinterSpring
DA 310 Intro to AnalyticsDA 320 Data Acquisition & MgmtAny college-level programming class covering any procedural or object orientated language
CMST 340 Advanced Communication in Bus & TechPHIL 375 Ethical Issues in ITECON 400 Econometrics
Year 5FallWinterSpring
MKTG 262 Measurement and AnalyticsDA 410 Multivariate AnalysisDA 485 Capstone
DA 460 Data Analysis with Software & ProgDA 420 Predictive AnalyticsDA 430 Marketing Analytics

Application Deadlines

Starting QuarterApplication OpensPriority DeadlineFinal Deadline
Winter 2020Currently OpenNov 25, 2019Dec 16, 2019

How to Apply

Step 1: Apply to BC for General Admission & Complete the Evaluation of Transfer Credit Form

First time BC students and previous BC students who are returning to the college after four or more quarters must apply to BC first. As a part of this process, students will need to submit all Official Transcripts from all regionally accredited colleges attended, other than BC. Current BC students may skip Step 1 and start at Step 2. Complete Step 1 at least two weeks prior to the application deadline.  Processing time for general BC admission is typically 1-3 business days.

Step 2: Complete and submit the BAS application

Admission to this program is competitive. Meeting minimum requirements does not guarantee admission, as the number of qualified applicants may exceed the number of available enrollment spaces. If you have transfer credits, your application will be reviewed with unofficial transcripts, but your acceptance will not be determined until official transcripts have been received and evaluated through the above process in Step 1.

Please have the following items ready for submission with your application:

  • Unofficial transcripts from all regionally accredited colleges attended demonstrating completion of the prerequisite courses.
  • Application payment will be accepted at the time of completion. Please have your form of payment prior to beginning the application. The application fee for BAS programs is $75.


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About Us

The BAS degree in Data Analytics is a part of Bellevue College’s Institute for Business and Information Technology department. Our goal is to provide students with meaningful preparation to meet the challenges of a global environment in the area of Data Analytics.  For general information about the degree, use the form at the top of this page.  For specific questions or to set up an appointment you can contact the Program Manager for this degree: Shanon Reedy.

BAS Data Analytics Faculty

Kyle Barber PictureKyle Barber


Phone: (425) 564-2136

Office Location: A254E

Courses: DA 430


Kyle is a business strategy leader, who has focused much of his career helping Fortune 500 corporations think about data capture, measurement, and demonstrating performance. He helps clients identify which marketing efforts impact total ROI and customer lifetime value, then uses the data points to facilitate brand and product innovation.  He is also a digital platform evangelist: helping brands think about social media or mobile devices in conjunction with event marketing, retail, TV programming, etc., to have conversations with consumers. Kyle can develop a vision, lead its implementation, benchmark and measure its success every step of the way, and optimize continuously to guide the larger brand story.

Charlene ChengCharlene Cheng



Office Location: A254

Courses: DA 410, DA 320


Charlene Cheng is a full time faculty of Data Analytics at Bellevue College. She graduated from UC Berkeley, double major in Computer Science and Data Science. Prior to teaching, she worked at Microsoft for more than 3 years. By utilizing a large set of data sources and applying analytical methods, she contributed to the continuous improvement of Microsoft and delivered a bunch of actionable recommendations on business approaches. She is also expert in the field of large scale machine learning and natural language processing.

Frank HatstatFrank Hatstat


Phone: (425) 564-2485

Office Location: A255

Courses: BUS& 101


I hold an Associate degree in Science and Engineering from Henry Ford College, a Bachelor’s degree in Economics from the University of Michigan, an MBA from City University, and a Juris Doctor from Seattle University School of Law. I have been very privileged both in educational opportunity and professional activities in the public sector, private sector, and academia, including being an air traffic control specialist and instructor, entrepreneur, manager, corporate trainer, state director within a national business program, consultant with a national consulting firm, associate dean, academic program chair, along with legal and appellate work. Although business and law are my passions, my favorite is doing this, helping people learn and grow through education. In my free time I like to fly, being a licensed pilot, enjoy photography, and other outdoor activities like biking and fishing.

Stephanie Hurst PictureStephanie Hurst


Phone: (425) 564-3062

Office Location: R230V

Courses: CMST 340


Stephanie is a tenured faculty member in the Communication Studies Department. She came to Bellevue College in 2003 having previously taught at Palm Beach Community College and California State University, Long Beach. Stephanie has her M.A. in Speech Communication from California State University, Long Beach, where she was also the assistant to the Director of the Center for First Amendment Studies and the Freedom of Expression Foundation. Her particular interest of study and teaching is in Intercultural Communication; a field in which she is also published. Courses she has taught include Intercultural Communication, Small Group Communication, Interpersonal Communication, Introduction to Public Speaking, Advanced Organizational Communication, and Introduction to Communication. Stephanie’s teaching philosophy incorporates practical application of scholarly theory in an effort to improve students’ lives. When not teaching or researching, she can be found following her bliss via cooking, hiking or taking in a Sounders game.

Winnie Li PictureWinnie Li


Phone: (425) 564-2825

Office Location: A255G

Courses: BA 240, DA 310, DA 420, DA 460, DA 485, ISIT 434


Winnie Li has been a full time faculty at Bellevue College since 2007, teaching in the Computer Science Transfer and Business Administration Programs. She is also the program chair and the lead faculty in the BAS in Data Analytics program. She has a MS in Statistics from California State University East Bay and a BS in Computer Science and Engineering from University of California Davis. Before joining BC, she worked in multiple roles in Clearwire and Microsoft.

Art LovestedtArt Lovestedt



Office Location: A254

Courses: ISIT 334


Art Lovestedt has been a CIO for nearly two decades, including extensive academic and professional experience in business management and information technology. He has been the CIO at PlayStream (now Internap), Guidant Financial Group and Online Video Service, and held contract or consulting positions at, Blue Nile and TPI Software (now Hypercom). Five previous companies have gone public or been purchased by a public company during or just after his tenure. Areas of expertise include strategic planning, process automation and efficiency, information system design and management, web marketing, team building and business development. Currently, he is a founding partner at Executive TimeSlice and serves as a fractional CIO for several companies.

Art holds a M.S. in Computer Systems with an emphasis in Technology Management, and a B.A. in Business Administration with emphases in Organizational Behavior and Marketing from the University of Washington.

William PayneWilliam Payne


Phone: (425) 564-2079

Office Location:

Courses: PHIL 375


I am chair of the Bellevue College Philosophy Department where I’ve been teaching for 18 years. I hold a BA and an MA in Philosophy from Arizona State University and a PhD in philosophy from UC Davis. Obviously a cat lover. When not reading, writing or teaching philosophy, I’m most likely out on a long bike ride, working in the garden or cooking.

Randal RootRandal Root



Office Location: Offsite by video

Courses: ISIT 330


Randal is a senior consultant specializing in Microsoft SQL Server, .Net web applications, and technical education. He has worked in the industry since the 1980s, with experience in both network and database administration. Randal, currently consults on creating database, business intelligence (BI), reporting, and personalized training solutions for small to mid-size companies. Randal has been teaching BI and .Net programing for Bellevue College, the University of Washington, other colleges and private schools for almost twenty years now. During that time he has authored the books “A Tester’s Guide to .NET Programming” (Apress) and “Pro SQL Server 2012 BI Solutions” (Apress), and earned several Microsoft professional certifications including MCSE, MCP+I, MCTS, MCDBA, and MCAD.

Not AvailableDan Yamasaki


Phone: (425) 564-2806

Office Location: D110

Courses: MATH 341, MATH 342, BA 240


Coming Soon!

Frequently Asked Questions

When will the BAS DA program begin?

We admit a new cohort for the BAS DA program each fall quarter.

Can I enroll if I don’t have an associate’s degree?

Generally, students applying to the BAS DA program have completed an associate’s degree in Applied Accounting, Business Management or Marketing, Information Systems, Business Administration Transfer or Computer Science Transfer.  If you do not have an associate’s degree, contact the Program Manager for more information.

Besides a completed associate’s degree are there any other pre-requisites?

Yes, you can find the specific course prerequisites on the “Prerequisites” tab.

Can I take courses without being admitted to the program?

Yes, students who have not been admitted to the program can register for up to 10 credits of coursework on a space-available basis, if they have appropriate prerequisites. To find out if you qualify to take a course and receive an entry code contact the Program Manager.

Can I apply now even though I will not finish my AAS or AAS-T until the end of spring or summer quarter?

Yes, you can apply now and any admission decision would be contingent upon your completion with acceptable GPA as described in the admission requirements.

I received my AAS or AAS-T over ten years ago. Am I still eligible to enter this program?

Technology and math coursework will only be applied toward admission requirements if it was taken in the last 5 years. Other coursework (i.e. English, humanities, science) can be applied no matter the date completed.

Can I receive financial aid or scholarships for this program?

Yes, you may qualify. Please be aware that there are deadlines that need to be met in order to qualify. Please contact the Financial Aid office for more details:

What is the tuition for this program?

Tuition for this state-support program follows the general Bellevue College tuition rates for upper division courses.  There are some lower division courses that are part of the BAS program. These courses will be charged at the lower division rate. Refer to the Tuition & Fees page:

Can I complete this program online?

Some classes may be available online, but many are offered primarily on the Bellevue College main campus.

Can I reapply next year if I am not accepted into the program?

Yes. You will receive a letter advising you of additional courses you need to take or other ways to strengthen your application for the next time you apply.

Is there a required sequence of courses I should take?

Yes. You will be able to build on your body of knowledge if certain courses are taken before others. Your sequence of courses will vary depending on whether you attend full-time or part-time, and on your previous education. Your program advisor will help you develop a program of study to gain the most benefit from each course. For a standard course schedule, please see the Degree Requirements tab.

How long will it take me to finish?

After admission, the BAS degree totals 90-95 credits and can be completed in 6 quarters of full-time attendance, typically three courses each quarter. Individual pacing is possible, but students should plan on taking at least one course each quarter so that the material remains current and relevant.

What is the Probation and Dismissal policy?

For the specifics on Academic and Conduct Related Probation and Dismissal, please read the full policy:

Is the program accredited?

The Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities (NWCCU), a regional institutional accrediting body recognized by the Council for Higher Education Accreditation and the U.S. Department of Education, has granted Bellevue College accreditation at the baccalaureate level.

I am a state employee. Can I use a state employee waiver to pay for this program?

Yes. This is a state-supported program, thus it is eligible for state employee waivers.

Where can I find out more about the program?

Our website contains the best information.  You may also contact the Program Manager to discuss the program in more detail.

Last Updated September 17, 2019