BAS in Information Systems and Technology (IST)

Drawing of person looking at generic information technology symbolsBellevue College’s bachelor of applied science degree program in Information Systems and Technology (IST) meets the explicit need employers have identified for systems administrators, security analysts, data specialists and application developers through providing a pathway to the baccalaureate for students with two-year technical associate degrees in IT. The decision to offer this particular degree was based in part on findings by the Bureau of Labor Statistics that a bachelor’s degree is now considered the minimum level of education for a variety of IT occupations. As a result, more students, along with existing IT professionals, will need to continue their education at the bachelor’s level.

Concentrations include: Application Development, Business Intelligence, and (starting fall 2017) Cyber Security and Systems Administration


Winter 2018 enrollment open for Cyber Security & Systems Administration students only.

Apply Now

As part of the application you will need to complete a personal statement and upload unofficial copies of transcripts. If you are not currently a BC student you must first fill out the general Bellevue college application. Please contact Shanon Reedy for more information.

Last Updated November 7, 2017